10 Designs to Discover Room by Room: Casa Cabo de Vila

03 May 2022

10 Designs to Discover Room by Room: Casa Cabo de Vila

10 Designs to Discover Room by Room: Casa Cabo de Vila

Let´s look into every corner of a unique house Cabo de Vila. From the entrance hall, to the home office and master bedroom, this home is filled with modern furniture pieces that accentuate the character of the owners.

The house itself is creating the form that fills the void left by the valley, and at the same time a new form to embrace and reflect the green surroundings of the site, giving its users a special perspective on the landscape.


The living room

The central patio welcomes those entering the house and organizes all the common spaces around it, as if it were an endless space. There are no barriers between the different spaces here, only an organic geometry that establishes hierarchies between them and allows mutual visual contact. The furniture is made by hand using natural materials. The Mercy side table top, for example, is made of noble marble Nero marquina and blends perfectly with all the natural elements of both the interior and the exterior.


The master bedroom provides access to the central green space in the heart of the house. Here you can read a book in an armchair, or enjoy breakfast at first light. 


All the private rooms are hidden behind a curtain wall that surrounds the central patio, as are the garage and all service areas. In the master bedroom, you'll find warm brown shades along with light. The room is very luminous, due to the white walls and large windows. In the corner there is a cosySophia armchair with its curved lines and comfortable seating. Another accent piece in this bedroom is theJones table lamp with its minimalist yet contemporary design.


The home office is found on the opposite side of the house. It is a very spacious room with dimmed lighting so that nothing can distract from a productive work. There is nothing superfluous here. The furniture is made of natural materials such as marble, wood and leather upholstery. The most striking pieces in this office are the Lyssa side table, the massive leather Marlow armchair, and of course the Dara desk.


The guest bedroom of the house is a fluid space n which the hierarchy of relationships between the dressing area, the bathroom and the bed area define its shape. Elegant Harry bed with a unique extra tall statement headboard designs a piece of the room. Carefully designed with irregular vertical details, it is the perfect addition to elevate design. 



The dining area is located in a cosy corner of the house, just opposite the window. The curved lines creates a welcoming atmosphere, and the oval Kelly dining table comfortably places guests in front of each other. The soft beige Nelly chairs blend perfectly with the wooden table pattern.


The garage is located as part of the house and looks as stylish and elegant as the rest of the house.


The swimming pool and lounge area are located directly in front of the house. The minimalist design blends in with the design of the house, and the chosen colour scheme for the lounge area combines with the natural landscaping around it.



Daria Vaskina

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