Easter Decor 2021 – Key Trend Directions

01 April 2021

Easter Decor 2021 – Key Trend Directions

Easter Decor 2021 – Key Trend Directions
In this article we present the key directions for Easter decor, styling and colour in line with the seasonal trend concepts of spring/summer 2021.
Mix traditional Easter motifs with playful design details, and include springtime icons to give designs a broader seasonal appeal.

Explore a fusion of science and nature, with a futuristic edge for your Easter Decor. For Easter, this translates into a mystical direction that takes inspiration from both religious themes and spring solstice.

Balance natural and artificial colours, from aquatic blues to luminous purples.

Tap into religious and ritualistic Easter traditions for styling and decor, ranging from the ancient past to a mystical focus on the future
Take inspiration from the cosmos, with luminous iridescent finishes and constellation-inspired graphics.
Ground this trend with simple shapes and natural materials such as wood.

Use natural pigments and organic dyes to create faded tones and irregular marks.
Embrace simplified, minimalist forms and focus on design details such as ribbons and tree branches.


Take a colourful and playful approach to Easter, with designs that embrace digital aesthetics, and offer an eclectic mash-up of references from the past, present, and future.
Give perennial Easter Décor themes a kitsch makeover with unexpected or contrasting colours, such as bright candy tones with urban-inspired neutrals.
Look to the archives to inspire motifs, but update them with metallic details and digital aesthetics.

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Daria Vaskina

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