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Poppy flower pot is the home accessory for flower lovers. This tall wooden flower pot with an inverted pyramidal structure is perfect for the most beautiful flowers and plants in the world. Some of them have unique shapes, vibrant colours and enticing scents. They need a one-of-a-kind home accessory. Poppy flower pot arises from a narrow base and finishes with a wider opening, in which plants and flowers will give life to spaces.

  • Dimensions - Customisable by Request

    LxWxH - cm

    40x40x50 or 40x40x100

    LxWxH - inches

    15.75x15.75x19.69 or 15.75x15.75x39.37

Poppy flower pot

Available ColorsAged Oak Veneer Matte

The product variations presented reflect our Designers' Choices. We have over 100 materials and finishes available to customise your pieces. Insert your preference on the price/3D request forms.

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Poppy flower pot
Poppy flower pot
  • Poppy flower pot
  • Poppy flower pot