Start Spreading The News, I'm Leaving Today - ICFF, NY
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12 May 2022

Start Spreading The News, I'm Leaving Today - ICFF, NY

Start Spreading The News, I'm Leaving Today - ICFF, NY

ICFF is back for another year of great designs and experiences. For the first time ever, Laskasas will be there, with the promise to showcase some of the best craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and designs. Directly from Portugal, our 2022 collection will take the centre stage at one of the biggest design events in New York.

Visit us at booth #345


ICFF is North America’s leading platform for furnishing design.

Representing original and sustainable design, the design event is the right place to showcase products for different types of projects – Residential, Contract and Hospitality. The fair excepts an audience of around 10.000 architects, retailers, interior designer, and more.

Over 300 brands from 25 different countries are expected to be present.

We do take great pride when it comes to our representation worldwide. This time, our booth is the stage for several designs from the 2022 collection, but also some of the most wanted. From clean line to a sophisticated flair, the environment to be found at the booth will, certainly, make you want to discover more about Laskasas World.


The Living Room

With a particular attention to details, the living room is much more than just a place to gather and spend good quality time. The interest in accent pieces is crucial if you want to make a statement in your project.

Is it difficult to select just one focal point in this living room, but we can’t take our eyes off the Fletcher Sofa.

This sofa can steal all the attention from a room by uniting carefully balanced proportions, great comfort, and a conscious renunciation of decorative details. It is a modular piece, so you can customise it according to your project needs.

Download here our Materials & Finishes Catalogue


The Dining Room

Featuring mostly most wanted design, the dining room is the space where the materials and finishes take the centre stage. From leather to veneer and marble, the richness of the space couldn’t be more sophisticated, representing Laskasas ideals.

This time, our pick is a duo. How couldn’t it be? Kelly Table and the Dale Chairs.

This romance has been going on for a while, and we fully support it! Dale straight and thin legs’ compliment perfectly the robust yet classy Kelly shape. A match made in heaven!


Products you can find at ICFF:

2022 Collection:


Most wanted designs:


Did you know that we will have a special ICFF Sale?

That’s right! To celebrate our first time ever at the event, we decided to offer 50% offall the products present at the booth. Make sure you visit us, select your products and upscale your next project.


Open your trade account at booth #345


Mafalda Aguiar

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