Best Of Decorex 2021 And 360º Virtual Tour Of The Stand
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18 October 2021

Best Of Decorex 2021 And 360º Virtual Tour Of The Stand

Best Of Decorex 2021 And 360º Virtual Tour Of The Stand
We can’t believe Decorex 2021 is already over! Time flies when having a good time, right? The design event took place in London, between 10th – 13th October. But there is no way we will let you miss our stand.

See here all the highlights of the design event, and a 360º of our stand!

In case you forgot – highly doubt that – here are the designs that were present in our stand:

During the event, we were honoured to welcome great interior designers and partners. Our stand was filled with design lovers, craftsmanship experts and interior decorators. We couldn’t be happier!

We promised to get to London some of our most wanted designs, and we did not disappoint.

In our dining room, we can’t decide our favourite piece! But Dean sideboard definitely was a people pleaser! Paired with Tanny mirror and Jude table lamp, this design made a statement in our Decorex 2021 stand.

Another focal point of the dining room was this match made in heaven! Even though, both of these pieces can shine on their own, when together, they make any interior a work of art.

Dale chair and Ann dining table were public favourites in our stand!

It’s really hard to choose our favourite design from our Decorex 2021 living room! But it is obvious that all of the pieces made a statement in this setting.

Wellington sofa, a must-have furniture design, was able to provide moments of comfort to all our visitors. Cap side tableLyssa side table, and Lyssa coffee table complemented this sofa in a beautiful way.

Hector armchair was also a seating option in our living room. Its presence made sure that our set had a nice pop of colour. This yellow is stunning! Brown TV cabinet and Marcel table lamp are stunning designs that transform any interior!

At Decorex 2021 we had the honour to win the Overall Best Stand Award by The Design Buzz. This award represents the hard work of our designers and manufacturers to offer you high-end quality designs.

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Mafalda Aguiar

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