Maison et Objet January 2024 - 5 Reasons to Visit the Parisian Trade Show
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28 December 2023

Maison et Objet January 2024 - 5 Reasons to Visit the Parisian Trade Show

Maison et Objet January 2024 - 5 Reasons to Visit the Parisian Trade Show
Maison et Objet marks the prestigious trade show's 30th anniversary, promising an exceptional showcase of technology and nature.

The bi-annual interior design event is returning to the French capital from January 18 to 22 at the usual event hall - Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

As an already-known hub of innovation, creativity, and timeless design trends, Maison et Objet 2024 will set a new milestone by redefining your perception of decor and design through this season’s theme – TECH EDEN.

Here are five compelling reasons why you should mark your calendar and be part of this exceptional event.

1. TECH EDEN – A Blend of Technology and Nature

The Parisian trade show makes a statement for 2024 by promising to unveil cutting-edge design trends around technology and nature.

Amidst a period of burgeoning digital advancements and technological progress, Maison et Objet January 2024 does not forget the positive impact that nature have on humans, even if it is not presented in a traditional way as we can read on the trade show’s website – “… nature will be very much on hand, not necessarily in a literal sense, but sometimes digitally speaking and, to varying degrees, mineral, lush, and hybrid.”.

Source: Maison et Objet

2. Maison et Objet In The City

"Maison et Objet In The City" takes design to the streets of Paris in a B2B event on a 100 spots ecosystem of decor excellence.

Get lost within the city’s ateliers of decorators, interior designers, galleries, great maisons and craftspeople.

Some of "In The City" exhibitors:

- Armani Casa;
- Emma Donnersberg;
- Thierry Lemaire;
- Molteni&C;
- Galerie Michel Amar.
Check them all in "In The City" Exhibitors list".

Source: Maison et Objet

3. Cutting-Edge Design Trends Unveiled

Maison et Objet January 2024 is one of the first and major interior design trade shows of the year and the epicentre where many design trends are born.

Experience an exclusive unveiling of the latest innovations, from avant-garde furniture, on the Maison side of the trade show, to revolutionary home accessories on the Objet division.

Besides the "Tech Eden", explore the "What's New?" space to quickly understand the market for the year, both in the retail and decor areas.

Thinking about the future, the brand-new companies will also have time and place to shine on the "Future On Stage" a springboard to support newcomers in the decor, design, and lifestyle fields. You can apply here.

Living room with a beige sofa, a grey armchair, a coffee table and a tv cabinet.Source: Laskasas | Laskasas' Stand at Maison et Objet 2023

4. More than 2500 Exhibitors

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity through the diverse range of global exhibitors. From emerging talents to established brands, Maison et Objet is a treasure trove of inspiration. Wander through thematic displays, curated spaces, and immersive installations that redefine the boundaries of design imagination.

You can also contemplate Mathieu Lehanneur’s “Outonomy Project”, an installation that aims to place a question inside visitor’s minds – “What do I really need?”, as the Maison et Objet Designer of the Year 2024 states.

Mathieu Lehanneur working on glass tubesSource: AD Magazine FR | Mathieu Lehanneur

5. Networking and Talks

Forge invaluable connections within the design community. Maison et Objet gathers professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe, offering unparalleled networking opportunities.

Throughout the fair, many experts will also delve into a plethora of core themes in dedicated talks about design, trends, lifestyle, architecture, and retails.

We’d like to place the spotlight on the “30 Years of Maison & Objet: Visions of the Future” talk by Jean de Loisy, on “Tech Eden” as it is the main theme of the fair, and, of course, on the “Outonomy by Mathieu Lehanneur: A New Way of Thinking About Housing”.

Visitors talking at interior design trade showSource: Laskasas | Laskasas' Stand at Maison et Objet 2023

Maison et Objet January 2024 isn't merely an event, it's a journey through creativity, innovation, and culture. Prepare to witness the fusion of artistry and functionality, where every design tells a story and inspires a vision.


Diogo Filipe Mendes

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