Colour Trends For 2022 – What To Expect From The Design World

28 February 2022

Colour Trends For 2022 – What To Expect From The Design World

Colour Trends For 2022 – What To Expect From The Design World
Colours have an important part in each individual’s life. Not only it's crucial in interior design, but it can also have a big impact on other sectors. In home design, through colour, you can distinguish the individual’s personality by their choice of decor. It can enhance calming ambience or more free spirit in which it depends on the colour that’s used in each room. For example, neutral colours tend to be used for relaxing environments while vivid colours have the intention to brighten up the home. Therefore, 2022 is filled with trendy colours to enrich your house. Discover more about the new colour trends for 2022!

Brown Living Room

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Colour trends for 2022
Grey Green, Warm Neutrals, Nature Brown and Vivid Blue are some of the colours that 2022 is bringing back in style. The Pantone website affirms that the colour of the year is Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri.




You can see these colours in Laskasas‘s showrooms or the environment of some rooms. The Grey Green is displayed in Gordon and Moon Armchair in the Behind Living Room and Origami Living Room. These are perfect examples of combining darker colours to create an embellished beautiful and luxurious room. In addition, Laskasas's lookbooks introduce the combination between neutral colours and dark brown colours. These transmit a cosy ambience filled with marvellous furniture and glamour details.

Behind Living Room


Very Peri – the colour of the year 2022 – is also a great choice for interior designs. It provides a more vivid and playful ambience since it brings a pop of colour to the room. This colour can be ordered in some upholstery if requested by a client.

You don't know how to apply these colours? Order our Sample Box! It's packed woth all our materials & finishes.

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By ordering samples you will get to touch and test materials for your projects. Also, you can get familiar with our staff, understand how we communicate, the way we ship out orders and so much more. Laskasas has the intention to guide you throughout your project.

In conclusion, these are the trendy colours of 2022. Therefore, it's the perfect time to create new projects and find out more about our products. For more information go check out our website and social media.

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