Find Laskasas At Decorex 2021
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16 September 2021

Find Laskasas At Decorex 2021

Find Laskasas At Decorex 2021
Decorex 2021 is right around the corner and we are so excited to announce that we will be there! We are so ready to show you some of our most wanted designs, and let you know all the news we are holding back for next year!

The design event will take place at Olympia London, between the 10th and 13th October.

You can find us at stand F157!

Rui, our sales executive for the UK, will be present at Decorex 2021 just to answer your questions. So if you want to meet up, you can schedule a meeting HERE!

We also have an exclusive tool kit for professionals, so if you need any information regarding the:
  • Trade program
  • Trade show special conditions
  • Price list
  • Catalogues


Any idea of which products are going to be there? Think no more! Our stand at Decorex will be completely furnished with 16 of our most wanted products! But for now, have a look at the TOP 6:

Ann dining table

A glamorous piece for dramatic spaces, Ann is certainly a show-stopper. In the center of our dining room, this table is the perfect furniture design to blend the other elements together. But donít let yourself be mistaken by the grandiosity of this table. Even though it comes across as a dramatic, even majestic design, Ann also offers a subtle sophistication to any interior design project.

Dale chair

A stunning vintage-inspired seating piece, Dale is ready to make you fall in love! Perfect when it comes to functionality and comfort, this chair is a great match to Ann dining table and so much more in our collection. Dale was designed forbold dining rooms and other open settings. As a result, it will, surely, make a statement in any place you find it in.

Dean Sideboard

DeansĎ strong textures and patterns are echos of the distinguishing beauty that defines mid-century modern furniture designs. This gorgeous sideboard is able to upscale any setting to the fullest, due to its sophistication and extraordinary design. Add this piece to your living or diningroom, and get ready to be amazed any time you walk in.

Hector armchair

With a modern curvilinear design, Hector is ready to enhance every aspect of your interior project. This furniture design is not only a great way to add a seating area to your interior, but also adds a pop of color. Featuring a solid body structure, Hector combines organic elements and luxury velvet fabrics. As a result, this armchair will look perfect in any living room or office decor.

Lyssa coffee table

Beauty lives inside Lyssa. A gorgeous center piece for any design, this coffee table will make you never wanting to leave your living room. A unique furniture design for those who have a peculiar taste for functional and sophisticated pieces.

Wellington sofa

Wellington is one of those sofas that you didnít know you need it until you have it. Embellishing your living room, this furniture design exudes a vintage flair in any interior design project. With a wooden base and convex back, Wellington is perfect for  comfortable and stylish decors.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the products in our stand at Decorex?


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Mafalda Aguiar

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