How to Improve your Interior Design Business on Instagram
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17 November 2022

How to Improve your Interior Design Business on Instagram

How to Improve your Interior Design Business on Instagram

Have you considered harnessing Instagram's potential to develop your interior design brand? Consider this: this social media platform enables businesses of all sizes to reach out to potential customers all around the world. It promotes connection and healthy business-customer relationships with minimal effort.



What's even more fascinating about Instagram branding is the ability to network with individuals who are interested in your content. They might also be eager to help and advertise your interior design studio to other prospective customers. According to Instagram data, 50% of users who see an Instagram ad get interested in a brand, and 2 out of 3 Instagram users believe this App allows them to access diverse companies.





If you are an interior designer that wants to grow your business, you should care. Through Instagram:


  • you can connect to the right business community and reach the target users who can help your interior design business to grow

  • generate more traffic and foster engagement that can lead to conversions.

  • you can showcase your interior design skills




You canít just simply start by uploading all the photos that you took from your projects. You must think about what is your brandís visual identity. 


Your image needs to be consistent, and compatible with your business values and must have a visual Key takeaway that immediately represents your Brand.




Being consistent doesnít mean only posting pictures of contemporary interior design. We can give you some examples:


  • The angle at which you take your pictures can be your visual identity

  • The finishing touches with the same colour schemes can be your visual identity

  • Your company logo

  • The way you present your content: templates you use, colours, how you edit.





Your profile is your Canva. Whatever you post on your Instagram will define what your interior design business is. You should optimize your profile and bio.


You should make sure that you have a business profile, and that you have public viewing allowed. Your username should match your profile name and your brand name, and your profile picture should be an image of yourself or your logo.


Fill out every detail on your Instagram profile, since every bit of information that you upload turns to trust for the customers.



Practical and well-thought-out content ideas and methods for Instagram posts are crucial parts of interior designers' Instagram branding. Make a content calendar and do not miss your posting days. It is necessary to maintain your presence on the feeds of your followers without overflooding them.


Instagram analytics and insights can help you pick appropriate timings (when your users are most active) for your scheduled posts.


Tools that can help you: asana, canva




Survival in the Instagram business community is dependent on research and being current with current trends.


Make sure that you keep up to date on the latest trends and use some of them. This will allow you to engage with some of your users, interactivity is essential to build your brand on Instagram. Be careful that those trends do not contradict your professional values.




Keep captions brief, relevant, and simple to understand.  When it comes to hashtags, it's best to mix general hashtags (popular on Instagram) with your brand hashtags (selected by you). To obtain proper visibility on the Instagram feed, include at least 10-20 hashtags.



Influencer marketing is here to stay, and you should have at least 2 collaborations within your Instagram Content Strategy. Make sure that the influencers have audiences that meet your interior design business values and ideas (donít just look for higher following numbers).

You must have total control of the message you want the influencer to pass on to their followers.




You need to humanize your brand. Nowadays people search for faces behind companies, it is not enough to just be a trusting brand, you need to show yourself, and engage with your users.

Our blog  contains a lot of essential information for interior design professionals. In addition to written articles, we also offer a digital library that you can consult whenever you want,  just a click away.


Adriano Tavares

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