Improve Your Home Design With Gilded Polished Stainless Steel Details

09 May 2022

Improve Your Home Design With Gilded Polished Stainless Steel Details

Improve Your Home Design With Gilded Polished Stainless Steel Details

As well as being a mainstay material in furniture manufacturing for centuries, metal has become an even more important element of the modern design industry. And nowadays preserving and using non-renewable resources is a major issue, which will particularly benefit the use of  stainless steel. You might not know this, but nearly 60% of the current manufacturing process of stainless steel is from recycling, which makes it a virtuous material.

Beside this, designers appreciate its esthetic qualities and modern aspect and pair it with wood, glass, stainless steel threads and sheet metal to create a contemporary decor. For example, the shine obtained with the polished mirror finish is exceptional, and its luminosity subtly reveals elegant contrasts. Today we are going to take a look to some examples to improve your home design with gilded polished stainless steel details.


Marilyn dining table

On this example you can see how the dining furniture   is used in a clever way to fill a space and make it more intimate. The stainless steel around the Marilyn dining table, adds a touch of class and it projects a superb light effect and reflections

Bonham Desk

Inspired by contemporary and simplistic styling the Bonham desk is a perfect statement piece to any home office space. This desk features a rustic oak-effect finish with complementing gilded polished stainless steel details, that will give the room a touch of class and elegance.

Gold Tall Flower

The beautiful gold tall flower pot with an oak structure combined with a gilded polished stainless steel base its another good example. These gilded polished detail will immediately brighten up a patio or decking with their modern colour and design.

Ben Coat rack

The Ben coat rack is one of our best examples of how to improve ahome design with steel details. Crafted with gilded polished and a marble base, the Ben coat rack has been designed with a modern style in mind, to set the perfect environment.

Amber Tallboy

Last but not least, we have the Amber tallboy with a very cirurgical detail of gilded polished stainless steel. This tallboy strikes a clean-lined and rectangular silhouette, but the gilded polished stainless steel is what accents the possibility to blend with a variety of color palettes and aesthetics.



Filipe Carvalhal

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