Maison et Objet 2022 Starts Today!
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24 March 2022

Maison et Objet 2022 Starts Today!

Maison et Objet 2022 Starts Today!

Today starts Maison et Objet, and the environment at the design event is better than ever! After being postponed for 3 months due to COVID, this fair will mark the comeback of design professionals and lovers in Paris!

As usual, Laskasasis present. As you may know, we have launched our New Collection in January, around the same time that the event was supposed to happen, the purpose was to showcase the collection live for 1st time during the fair. Even though that was not the case, we did not drop out. Laskasas decided to select the perfect mixture of iconic and new designs and decorated the stand.


What can you find at the stand?

As said earlier, the new collection will take the centre stage, and the iconic designs will remind our clients why Laskasasis the perfect choice for their projects.

Fletcher Sofa and Lyssa Coffee Table

Uniting carefully balanced proportions, great comfort and a conscious renunciation of decorative details, the Fletcher modular sofa exemplifies the characteristics of this sofa type in their purest form. Thanks to its modular design with side, corner and central elements as well as a chaise longue, the size and form of the Fletcher modular sofa can be customised to meet a diverse range of requirements.

Beauty lives inside Lyssa coffee table. Defined by its solid marble top, this living room piece is conceived from different materials and details for additional glamour. A unique coffee table for those who have a peculiar taste for functional and sophisticated pieces.

Pitt Tea Cart

Perfect for hospitality projects or entertaining guests at home, the Pitt tea cart features chic black iron matte shelves and a frame of sturdy stainless steel in a lustrous gilded finish. The tray features nero marquina polished marble, adding even more elegance to this piece.

Norman TV Cabinet

Add a flair or retro style to living areas with Norman TV cabinet. Defined by its elegant, minimalist silhouette, it blends perfectly with interiors in the traditional and 50's-inspired setting. The matte smoked oak tabletop can home a TV, loudspeakers or even a soundbar. Give your living room a refreshing touch and enjoy its classic beauty.

Marilyn Dining Table, Ambrose Chairs and Jazz Suspension Lamp

The table top of our Marilyn dining table is made of authentic nero marquina marble, characterized by its dark colour with veins. Its polished finish is great to create luxurious high-end environments, the base of oak, a material characterized by being very sturdy and elegant looking.
The design of its central foot and the board of one of the most exquisite marbles on the market make this table a product for the most selected and luxurious spaces.

Ambrose is a one-of-a-kind chair with sleek convex back. It features wooden legsto support a majestic upholstered body with a comfortable seat.

Jazz suspension lamp is an enchanted lighting piece handmade from Laskasasmythical creativity. Fulfilled with luxurious details, this modern chandelier features ten falling tubes in different finishes, hanging by discrete wires. The perfect addition for rooms with high ceilings.

Dale Chair

Exploring contrast materials and geometric forms, Dale chairis a stunning vintage-inspired seating piece with convex back and armrest. Form follows functionality and comfort in a dining chair designed for bold dining rooms or other open settings. It presents a metal structure and feet, involved in a smooth fabric seat and backrest.


Our meeting room at our stand is filled with different Materials & Finishes! This is a great opportunity for our clients to decide and explore the materials and finishes of their projects.



Mafalda Aguiar

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