Professional Guide: How to Get More Interior Design Clients
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24 November 2022

Professional Guide: How to Get More Interior Design Clients

Professional Guide: How to Get More Interior Design Clients

The interior design business is competitive. Running a business depends on getting new customers. You need to know the best ways get them so, we compiled a few strategies to help you get more interior design clients.




The follow-up email is probably the least favourite part of running a business. But is proven to double your business success. Yes, we mean double the success.


Following up with prospective clients is essential. Sometimes getting no replies can be taken personally, but don’t let that cloud your judgement. People may simply be too busy to answer your email.


As soon as you commit to a follow-up strategy, your business will skyrocket.


Pro Tip #1:


If you start to feel the ‘ick’ when it’s time to follow up with a potential client after you have sent a proposal, remember your role and purpose. You are providing a service that is helpful and solves a problem. And what you’re offering is valuable.


Approach Follow-up emails as an act of the day-to-day job.  


Pro Tip #2:


Statistically, the sooner you follow up, the more likely you are to get a yes.


You don’t want to wait 4, 5, or 6+ days to check in with a client.  While there isn’t an exact science to the follow-up, letting a potential lead linger greatly diminishes the likelihood of converting




Publishing design projects in a virtual magazine has always been an efficient tool to showcase the designer’s quality of work. Some of the leading design magazines include ArchDailyDomusDwellThe Architects DiarySomebuddy and House to Home.


It also contributes to the internet and social networking visibility and increases your confidence. It immediately increases your website traffic and social media exposure.




Often, past clients are the ones that would rehire you for future projects—especially if they had a great customer experience. Find out when their birthday is and send them a card.




Create a mechanism to reward your current clients for referring new clients to you. This is something that corporations do all the time. What can you offer that will incentivize people to refer your business? An hour consultation? A percentage off?





The design community is a close-knit one. Even if you don't have a blog or podcast, you could interview other people in your business using Instagram Live or IGTV. Interior photographers, prop stylists, home décor business owners, other designers, and anybody else who may bring value to your audience are all possibilities.


By promoting others, you will be advertising yourself. More people talking about you means more people are aware of your existence, which increases the likelihood that your perfect client will find you.


Adriano Tavares

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