Crafting Sacred Moments: Laskasas Collaborates with World Youth Day 2023 for Lisbon Ceremonies
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04 August 2023

Crafting Sacred Moments: Laskasas Collaborates with World Youth Day 2023 for Lisbon Ceremonies

Crafting Sacred Moments: Laskasas Collaborates with World Youth Day 2023 for Lisbon Ceremonies
In a harmonious union of faith and craftsmanship, Laskasas has joined hands with World Youth Day 2023 to infuse artistic elegance into the religious ceremonies. The vibrant city of Lisbon is set to host these significant events from August 1st to 6th, 2023, creating a sacred space for spiritual growth and global camaraderie.

Altar-stage for the World Youth Days

Source: Laskasas | Altar-stage

A Fusion of Faith and Artistry

As the spiritual air buzzes with anticipation, Laskasas has contributed its expert touch to the heart of the World Youth Day ceremonies. The company, deeply rooted in Portugal and known for its exquisite furniture creations, has poured its creative energy into two central occasions graced by the presence of Pope Francis: the Vigil and the Missioning Mass. Guided by the theme "Mary arose and went with haste" - Lc 1, 39, the events are expected to foster collective prayer moments, uniting young participants from all corners of the world.

Collaborating closely with the visionary architect André Mendes, the mastermind behind the Altar-Stage, Laskasas has unveiled a collection of bespoke furniture pieces that promise to enhance the spiritual ambiance of the ceremonies. Each piece is meticulously designed, reflecting the divine inspiration drawn from the Transfiguration of the Lord.

Altar-stage for the World Youth Days with the chairs, pulpit and altarSource: Laskasas | Pulpit

Craftsmanship that Elevates the Spirit

Among the distinguished creations that Laskasas has lovingly crafted for the ceremonies, the altar stands as a majestic centrepiece. Fashioned from birchwood with a corian tabletop, its dimensions – 300x100x90cm – command attention, symbolising the importance of the occasion.

The elegance is further echoed in the ambo, or pulpit, which also boasts a blend of birchwood and corian, capturing the eye with its graceful lines and meticulous design.

To accommodate the dignitaries and participants, Laskasas has designed an array of wooden birch chairs. These include the Papal chair, two seats for the Pope's ceremonial assistants, two chairs for assisting deacons, two chairs for co-celebrating Cardinals, and four benches for acolytes. Each seat is not only a functional piece but also an embodiment of artistry and devotion.

Adding to the reverence, Laskasas has also taken charge of the procession cross base and the platform for the image of Our Lady of Fatima. These finely-crafted elements, hewn from the same birchwood as the other creations, complete the sense of unity and purpose that pervades the ceremonies.

Altar-stage for the World Youth Days with the chairs, pulpit and altarSource: Laskasas | Pope's chair

A Rich Tradition Continues

The World Youth Day, an initiative established by Saint John Paul II in 1985, has served as a remarkable platform for young individuals from across the globe to connect with the Pope and their faith. This tradition of coming together, sharing, and spiritual growth has evolved into an iconic event that transcends borders and cultures.

Since its inception, World Youth Day has spanned the continents, leaving its mark on cities such as Rome, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro. The torch of this cherished event has now been passed to Lisbon, where the upcoming World Youth Day 2023 – JMJ Lisboa 2023 – will unfold. The chosen theme, "Mary arose and went with haste," reflects a deep-rooted spiritual calling that mirrors the event's historical journey.

Altar-stage for the World Youth Days with the chairs and altarSource: Laskasas | Altar

A Testament to Portuguese Excellence

Celso Lascasas, the founder of Laskasas, expressed his enthusiasm for this unique collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with the World Youth Day in creating a welcoming and elegant ambiance for the Pope, pilgrims, and all participants in this international gathering, thereby showcasing the excellence of Portuguese craftsmanship."

This collaboration stands as a testament to Portugal's rich artistic heritage and devotion to preserving sacred moments through art.

As the world looks forward to the spiritual rejuvenation and unity that World Youth Day brings, the partnership between Laskasas and the event embodies a blend of tradition, faith, and exquisite craftsmanship. With Lisbon as its backdrop and Pope Francis as its guiding light, World Youth Day 2023 promises to be a momentous occasion, reverberating with the harmonious blend of spirituality and artistry.

Altar-stage for the World Youth Days with Laskasas PackageSource: Laskasas


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