Design News! Discover Everything About Not Another Edition

12 April 2022

Design News! Discover Everything About Not Another Edition

Design News! Discover Everything About Not Another Edition

Laskasas is debuting an entire new collection that includes furniture, upholsteries, lighting and complementary pieces. This is Not Another Edition, Laskasas' most wanderlust-inspiring collection so far. As a global brand, that embraces all 7 continents of the world, we aimed to reflect that in this special collection. Each piece included in this collection was named after an iconic region of the world, representing it. See all the brand new lookbooks, and discover more about the new furniture designs!


Kabaka's Home Office

Kabaka's home office was named after a royal palace, and its details inspire just the same greatness. The mix of marble, high-quality fabrics and the wooden table come together just right, creating the perfect balance in the space. A place to hold important meetings and to do great work.

Sinamale Bedroom

Sinamale bedroom represents a bridge between you and complete relaxation. Its wooden bed and soft fabrics pledge to take you to a different dimension. The round shapes featured by the lighting pieces add a sense of calmness and style to the room. The corner composed of the armchair and the floor lamp makes for the perfect reading spot.

Coloane Living Room

Like a pleasant seaside stroll, Coloane living room is the perfect escape from daily routines. Neutral colours and high-quality materials define this living room. The modular sofa represents the greatest highlight of this decor, well complemented by the coffee tables and the ceiling lighting fixtures. Multifunctional by design, it also features an elegant entryway that sets the tone for what the rest of the home will be like.

Missouri Bedroom

Like a large river uniting localities, the Missouri bedroom unites the people who share its space. Featuring a luxurious looking fireplace for colder days and a special corner to get dressed in the morning, this is an elegant bedroom.

Gizé Bedroom

Like ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Gizé bedroom inspires a sense of greatness and balance. This beige toned bedroom breathes comfort and tranquillity. The large rectangular upholstered mirror and the round shapes of the lighting fixtures are the highlights of this neutral-coloured bedroom.



Mafalda Aguiar

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