Laskasas Creative – Learn How To Decor With Us

26 November 2021

Laskasas Creative – Learn How To Decor With Us

Laskasas Creative – Learn How To Decor With Us

What is Laskasas Creative?

10 weeks, 17 video lessons with Laskasas professionals that will share their experiences with you. We are going to show you how, using simple techniques, you can create a comfortable and stylish home. Home, that you’ll always want to come back to. Learn how to decor with us.

If you love interior design or decorating a house by your own hand or professionally – it’s very important not only to have good taste but also to know the basic technical rules that will help you create an interior design like on pictures on Pinterest.

You don’t have to study complicated manuals or go to expensive interior design courses. We have already prepared everything for you, and it’s for free.

All you need – is a passion for interior design, a desire to learn how to decor and one hour of your time, once a week.

We have prepared 10 key topics to help you to turn your dreams into reality. Each topic is explained in simple and easy-to-understand language, and our top professionals personally share their experiences in a video format.

You can add interesting topics to your calendar, so you don’t miss anything.

1st Episode is already available. You will learn how to decor spaces with dining tables and get to know all the factors you should consider when choosing a good one.

During next weeks you will learn more topics, such as:

Best Materials For Dining Tables

With so many different varieties to choose from, selecting a modern dining table top can become quite challenging. Moreover, each tabletop material has its rewards and limitations. But the most important factor to consider is how functional it will be, given your client’s dining habits.

Upholsteries Guide For Sofas And Armchairs

To upholster a new sofa or armchair is a big investment – watch the video to find out what you should consider in terms of fabrics, durability, comfort, and style. Here’s how to zero in on a fabric choice that will make your client happy to live with for years.

WaterProofing: YAY or NAY?

Are you thinking about waterproofing a sofa, but you have doubts if it’s worth it? So, it’s time to have all your questions answered. Having your client’s sofa waterproofed is care that can guarantee more durability to your upholstery.

Step by Step To using Rugs To Elevate a Space

Add a high-end rug to a room that lacks excitement, and is a problem solved. While that alone is a good enough reason to decorate with a statement rug, there are many others just as compelling. You might even say it completes a room by tying all the different pieces together visually.

Hallways And First Impressions

Hallways are where first impressions are made and the scene is set for what lies beyond. It’s important to appreciate the significance these spaces give to the overall feel of a home, so do remember that first impressions count.

How To Create Oasis-like Living Rooms

Whether your client’s style is traditional or modern, relaxed or formal, bold or subdued, their living room should be a special place. Learn how to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and spend quality time with friends, family or just by themselves.

The Ultimate Dining Room Guide, The Heart Of The Home

Much like the kitchen, the dining room is the heart of a home. It’s where your clients will enjoy delicious meals and enjoy quality time as a family, so it’s only right that you’d want a clutter-free space that’s full of style.

Designer Tips To Create A Bedroom You Love

The bedroom is where everyone rests and recharges after a long, hectic day, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want your design project to feel like a retreat. With a few simple decor upgrades, you can have the inviting bedroom your client always dreamed of.

How To Decor Home Offices To Boost Productivity

Carving out a home office that not only inspires creativity but also helps your client reach peak productivity when they’re working from home can be relatively easy. And it doesn’t require a dedicated room or ample square footage either.

Stay tuned. Save interesting episodes to your calendar. Learn how to decor with Laskasas.

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