Meet Pedro Neto, The Mastermind Behind Laskasas Furniture Designs!

06 April 2022

Meet Pedro Neto, The Mastermind Behind Laskasas Furniture Designs!

Meet Pedro Neto, The Mastermind Behind Laskasas Furniture Designs!

It's time to meet the mastermind behind Laskasas Furniture Designs, our Senior Designer — Pedro Neto. The man that never goes anywhere without his pencil, he is 34 years old and has been with Laskasas since 2016. In charge of the Technical and Design Departments, he is the person responsible for the concept and design of all Laskasas pieces. Today we will invite you to read this special interview and get to know a little bit more about the man behind the all the designs.

      1 . What’s the inspiration behind the creative process for the new collection?

The Laskasas new collection is based on simple clean modern lines, inspired by Italian design. When we are developing a product it's always important for us to create a  timeless piece with the purpose of staying “alive” over the years.

       2 . Which are your favourite furniture designs from the 2022 collectionWhat makes them your favourites?

Personally, I love the retro Norman TV cabinet, the modular Fletcher sofa, and the elegant Pitt tea cart. The Norman TV cabinet makes me travel back to the '50s, so I guess for me it's nostalgic and a timeless piece. What I love about the Fletcher sofa is that it works like a puzzle. You can play with every single module the way you want and customise it as you want. An in the end, it will always be unique. Finally the Pitt tea cart, well it's just an iconic piece of furniture. 

Laskasas interior designer

Norman TV cabinet

      3.  What is the process when it comes to selecting materials for the products?

Laskasas is already known for using a range of raw materials of high refinement. Our choice is very simple, we combine the various materials that exist with the new products and then, the “magic happens”!

     4. Which materials are your favourite to work with?

Well that's a very hard question to ask to a product designer (laughs). Wood is a noble material that is linked to the birth of furniture, however, the material that I have found most challenging to work with is marble!

     5.  Which challenges do you foresee for Laskasas in 2022?

I predict that Laskasas will play an important role in identifying the customer's needs in what has become the news challenges we all face because of the pandemic crisis. Clients started lookin at their own houses in a different way, and now they want to fully experience their own living space. Our role will be to provide this experience on their places.

Laskasas Interior Designer

     6. Which challenges do you foresee for interior designers in 2022?

Laskasas emerges on the market as a company that provides immense possibilities for combinations of various products and finishes. All these possibilities and combinations are exactly what interior designers are searching for, in order to create the uniqueness that their clients really want.

     7. Which trends do you expect to see in 2022?

Let me divide this in two areas, products and materialsAs far as product, I foresee some solutions that will make the user the primary concern. Regarding the materials, the use of noble, distinct, timeless woods. Another thing that I think will have a big impact it's the use of distinct marbles, and some distinct metallic details.

     8. What should a customer consider when purchasing Laskasas?

When a customer is interested in a brand like Laskasas, they are not just acquiring furniture, they are purchasing a lifestyle. So when a they walk into one of our stores, they know Laskasas is their best ally to build lifestyle status.

     9. What are the elements that inspire you, when designing Laskasas pieces?

There are 3 elements that are very important to me: nature, geometry, and function. In nature we can use all the basic materials that come to us, such as marbles and wood, the geometry allows us to shape and organize all these naturals materials, and the function brings utility and viability to the pieces we design.


Filipe Carvalhal

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