Scandinavian Furniture in Autumn Interior Design

29 October 2021

Scandinavian Furniture in Autumn Interior Design

Scandinavian Furniture in Autumn Interior Design
Scandinavian furniture was in vogue in interiors for years. All the world loves it for its eco-friendliness, laconic and ‘Nordic’ cosiness. That’s why scandinavian furniture is so organically suited to cosy autumn interiors.

In autumn, we crave warmth and cosiness, and we are dreaming of evenings with the family and a joyful environment. Do you want to know how to create the one in your home?


50 shades of brown

One of the features of scandinavian furniture is the warm shades of wood veneer. And in the same interior, different saturation shades will be appropriate: from the lightest, almost white, to dark brown. Especially dark brown wood shades in combination with other warm wood shades are the first step towards creating a cosy autumnal interior atmosphere for the home.

We cannot be denying that light brown is the colour we most associate with autumn. And this colour was chosen as an accent colour in order to enhance the feeling of a warm atmosphere in the house. The accent colour can be used in different textures, such as the light brown velvet pouf and the leather cushions.

Add chic details

To make your autumn interior even more exclusive will help metal details from mid-century style. Such as the gold trim at the base of the coffee table, or the details of the suspended lights. The stereotypical opinion that only one tone of metal we can use in the interior is a thing of the past, and you can see both gold and stainless-steel finishes here.

The dark brown and soft texture of the rug creates the feeling of a comfortable and cosy home, where you will want to spend time with family and friends.