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The Fletcher modular sofa is a carefully balanced combination of comfort, elegant storage solutions, and versatile design. With side, corner, central elements and a chaise longue available, its size and shape can be customised to fit any living room, library or home office.
  • Dimensions - Customisable by Request

    LxWxH - cm

    2Drawers module: 45x100x40 Right/Left Drawer Small Module: 123x100x93 Right/left Drawer Big Module: 168x100x93 Right/Left Arm Small Module: 100x100x93 Right/Left Arm Big Module: 145x100x93 Right/Left Corner Module: 100x100x93 Small Chaise: 100x150x93 Big Chaise:145x150x93 Armless Small Module: 100x100x93 Armless Big Module: 145x100x93 Small Pouf With Drawer: 100x125x42 Big Pouf With Drawer:125x125x42 Small Pouf: 100x100x42 Big Pouf:125x100x42

    LxWxH - inches

    2Drawers module: 17.72x39.37x15.75 Right/Left Drawer Small Module:48.43x39.37x36.61 Right/left Drawer Big Module: 66.14x39.37x36.61 Right/Left Arm Small Module: 39.37x39.37x36.61 Right/Left Arm Big Module: 57.09x39.37x36.61 Right/Left Corner Module: 39.37x39.37x36.61 Small Chaise:39.37x59.06x36.61 Big Chaise:57.09x59.06x36.61 Armless Small Module: 39.37x39.37x36.61 Armless Big Module:57.09x39.37x36.61 Small Pouf With Drawer: 39.37x49.21x16.54 Big Pouf With Drawer: 49.21x49.21x16.54 Small Pouf: 39.37x39.37x16.54 Big Pouf:49.21x39.37x16.54


    • Due to the nature of Laskasas'' manufacturing techniques, each piece can be customised according to our client''s needs and preferences. With the support of our trade project specialist you can choose a product and change: size, upholstery (fabrics and leathers), materials (woods, marbles and metals). However, some pieces may have limitations and this means that each request for customisation must be analysed by our technical team.
    • While, as manufacturers, we will make every effort to match a finish and/or texture, no guarantees of an exact match can be provided.
    • For COM Orders (customer?s own materials), production will not begin on any product requiring any type of fabric or leather supplied by the purchaser until all the materials for the products ordered have arrived and have been properly identified by Laskasas. Lead time for orders with COM/COL products starts after all materials, have been properly approved.

    Laskasas offers over 100 customisation options which you can view in our Materials and Finishes catalogue.


    • All prices and transactions are EX WORKS, therefore do not include any transportation expenses or associated fees.
    • Shipping services are available upon request to your Trade Project Specialist, for an additional cost.
    • Laskasas will be free of any charges or responsibility over events, loss, or any and all damages, during or after transport or installation.


    At Laskasas we do not work with stock for furniture items. All products are made to order especially for you, upon confirmation of payment. Laskasas furniture is carefully produced by professionals with decades of experience at our factory in the north of Portugal. Delivery and assembly of all products is done by a Laskasas team.

    There is no minimum order value required.

Fletcher Sofa

Available ColorsVienna Cream

The product variations presented reflect our Designers' Choices. We have over 100 materials and finishes available to customise your pieces. Insert your preference on the price/3D request forms.

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Fletcher Sofa
Fletcher Sofa
Fletcher Sofa
Fletcher Sofa
Fletcher Sofa
  • Fletcher Sofa
  • Fletcher Sofa
  • Fletcher Sofa
  • Fletcher Sofa
  • Fletcher Sofa