Learn How to Improve Office Productivity with Furniture and Decor

21 June 2024

Learn How to Improve Office Productivity with Furniture and Decor

Learn How to Improve Office Productivity with Furniture and Decor

In the contemporary design landscape, when crafting a home office that effortlessly combines practicality with style is essential to also know how to improve office productivity.

For interior designers striving to curate flawless home office designs, the significance of investing in high-quality home office furniture cannot be overstated.

This guide aims to spotlight the seven fundamental home office furniture pieces that efficiently harmonise style and productivity, catering to the needs and preferences of your valued clientele while improving their office productivity.


1. Improving Office Productivity with: Ergonomic Desk

At the heart of a well-crafted home office lies an ergonomic desk. Hand pick a desk that not only fits the spatial dynamics but also mirrors the work requirements.


Prioritise a desk that offers ample surface area for devices, paperwork, and other essentials while ensuring organisation and an ergonomic design to mitigate strain during extended work sessions.



Office desk and chair in a home office setup Source: Laskasas | Rosie desk


2. Improving Office Productivity with: Comfortable Office Chair

In the pursue of learning how to improve office productivity, prioritising a high-grade, comfortable office chair is paramount. The chair should not only provide adequate back support but also promote ideal posture.


Opt for a chair that's adjustable, cushioned, and offers lumbar support, ensuring your clients can maintain focus and productivity throughout their work days.


Beige home office chair in a home office decoration Source: Laskasas | Robson chair

3. Improving Office Productivity with: Bookcase

A well-designed bookshelf or shelving unit not only adds character to the home office but also offers a platform to display books, decor, or important work-related materials.


Tailor the design to match the office layout while ensuring easy access to frequently used items.



Bookshelve filled with books in a home office Source: Laskasas | D'arc bookcase


4. Improving Office Productivity with: Desk Lamp

If you want to know how to improve office productivity, understand that proper lighting is vital to reach that goal. Choose a chic and functional desk lamp that provides adequate lighting for tasks.


LED lamps, with their energy efficiency and adjustable light intensity, are ideal to cater to various working needs.


Marble table lamp in a wood desk Source: Laskasas | Franklin table lamp


5. Improving Office Productivity with: Furniture with Integrated Cable Management

In the quest for an immaculate workspace, effective cable management solutions play a pivotal role.


Employ cable clips, sleeves, or cable boxes to keep wires and cords organised, contributing to a neat and visually pleasing home office. This is specially important in small spaces where every detail counts to reduce clutter and make the office look bigger and neat.



Brown desk and office chair in a home office setup

Source: Laskasas | Bonham desk


6. Improving Office Productivity with: Side Table

Introduce a side table for added functionality and style. These pieces can serve as auxiliary workspaces, house printers or scanners, or stand as decorative elements, all while seamlessly blending with the existing furniture and elevating the overall office aesthetic.



Green marble side table next to beige sofa Source: Laskasas | Lyssa side table


7. Improving Office Productivity with: Inspiring Decor

Encourage your clients to personalise their home office with inspiring decor elements like artwork, motivational quotes, or indoor plants.


These touches enhance mood, stimulate creativity, and boost productivity, creating a workspace that resonates with their individual style and persona.



Home office with desk, office chair and armchair Source: Laskasas | Kampala desk


In conclusion, the art of crafting an efficient and stylish home office pivots on the meticulous selection of the right home office furniture. From ergonomic desks and comfortable chairs to efficient storage solutions and inspiring decor, each piece contributes to heightened productivity and an elevated aesthetic for your clients.



Diogo Filipe Mendes

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