Home Office: Essentials Checklist

05 September 2022

Home Office: Essentials Checklist

Home Office: Essentials Checklist

Working from home is becoming more common. People began to place a larger focus on the sense of well-being offered by the home office. Many specialists had to adapt to new interior design trends to meet these demands as efficiently as possible.


Laskasas has created a Home Office Essentials Checklist to help you keep up with these new trends.



Home Office Essentials: Make the space inspiring



Make sure the home office interior design is interesting and invigorating, whether that means keeping the area calm and simple or opting for a bold wall colour and plenty of accessories!

 One of the most significant characteristics that a home office must exhibit is creativity, whether through the aforementioned accessories or the design of the office itself.


Office desks are no longer the focal point of an interior design project, now they are just a component. Nowadays, open space is necessary, as is a lounge area where a person can relax during breaks.



Home Office Essentials: Comfortable Furniture


Because long hours are spent at a home office, comfort is essential. Chairs must provide adequate back support. As a result, adjustable chairs remain the ideal option for workplace interior design. And gone are the days when adjustable chairs were big and unattractive!


There are numerous attractive office chairs available today. Just browse our list and you surely will find one Office Chair that will suit your project.


Home Office Essentials: Storage


Storage is key in any office space. In particular, closed storage is essential to hide most of the clutter behind closed doors and give the space that polished designer look.


The interior designer here has several options, but probably the office desk is one of the easiest to bet on. In addition to the elegant design, you can also add functionality through storage.


If the home office is spacious, you can also consider a bookcase with some storage or a small sideboard that serves exclusively for this purpose.



Home Office Essentials: Desks



A simple desk with a clean and inspiring design is more than enough. Despite losing the podium as a central piece, the desks continue to be important for the overall interior project.

Already more geared towards decoration, the desk must have a minimum of paraphernalia on top, to facilitate the entire creative process of those who work on it.



Home Office Essentials: Natural Accents



Bringing plants inside is usually a good idea. Particularly in a setting like the Home Office, where it can inspire.


Some plants, in addition to being a proven value on an aesthetic level, are also beneficial to your personal health.



Home Office Essentials: Natural Light



Workspace quality is becoming increasingly important in workplace interior design. And natural light is at the top of the priority list! Natural light has numerous health and mood-boosting benefits, and everyone should have access to it!

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are a typical way to infuse workplace spaces with natural light these days. Translucent internal walls are another technique to allow light to move through the area and make the most of the sun!

Home Office Essentials Checklist

  • Make the space inspiring

  • Comfortable Furniture

  • Storage

  • Desks

  • Natural Accents

  • Natural Light


Adriano Tavares

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