2024 Interior Colour Trends: Top 10 Stylish Hues Transforming Homes

29 February 2024

2024 Interior Colour Trends: Top 10 Stylish Hues Transforming Homes

2024 Interior Colour Trends: Top 10 Stylish Hues Transforming Homes
The year of 2024 uncovers a new palette of colours that's set to redefine the very fabric of our living spaces. As interior designers, you hold the brush to paint these trends onto your canvas of design, seamlessly merging modern aesthetics with timeless allure.

In this feature, we dive into the top 10 interior colour trends curated especially for designers, offering a spectrum that transcends the ordinary, promising to elevate homes to realms of style and sophistication.

Pistachio Green

For a refreshing and nature-inspired vibe, interior designers are turning to pistachio green in 2024. This subtle yet lively shade presents endless possibilities, allowing you to infuse spaces with a harmonious balance between contemporary design and the tranquillity of nature.

Source: Decoist

Light Pink

Breaking away from conventions, light pink asserts its presence as a bold choice for interior designers. This soft and sophisticated hue introduces a touch of romance and warmth, enabling you to craft inviting spaces without compromising on elegance.

Source: Architectural Digest

Soft Blue

Soft blue emerges as a leading choice for interior designers, offering a versatile and calming option to create sophisticated atmospheres. This hue seamlessly integrates with both neutral and bold tones, providing a canvas for your artistic vision.

Source: Laskasas | Clé de Maison's interior design project


Lavender takes centre stage in 2024, embodying luxury and refinement. Interior designers can leverage this rich hue to elevate the aesthetic of any room, creating a serene and elegant ambiance that resonates with a sense of opulence.

Source: Dreamy Home Style

Forest Green

With a timeless allure, forest green remains a perennial favourite for interior designers. This deep and rich shade adds drama and sophistication, allowing you to instil a sense of opulence and connection with the natural world.

Source: Vecteezy

Chocolate Brown

Grounding and rich, chocolate brown emerges as a key choice for interior designers in 2024. This warm hue is perfect for furniture pieces and accent decor, adding depth and richness to your design compositions.

Source: Vogue

Neutral Stone Hues

The enduring appeal of neutral stone hues continues to captivate interior designers. From beige to taupe, these versatile tones provide a neutral backdrop that sets the stage for other colours, enabling you to craft sophisticated and timeless aesthetics.

Source: Laskasas | Fletcher sofa

Peach Fuzz

Injecting a playful element into design compositions, peach fuzz, the Pantone colour of the year, makes its mark in 2024. This soft and muted hue adds warmth and optimism, offering interior designers a delightful choice for accent walls or accessories.

Source: Laskasas | Mull dining chair


A timeless classic, grey maintains its status as a sophisticated and versatile option for interior designers. Whether in light or dark variations, grey serves as a neutral canvas that allows other colours to shine while exuding timeless elegance.

Source: Laskasas | Montreal sofa

Warm Beige

For interior designers seeking a neutral and inviting option, warm beige remains a staple in 2024. This versatile hue complements a range of styles, providing a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your design endeavours.

Source: Laskasas | Jean sofas

As interior designers, you are at the forefront of translating trends into captivating spaces. This top 10 interior colour trends of 2024 offer a palette that seamlessly blends calm tones, nature-inspired hues, and timeless neutrals.

From soft blue to warm beige, each colour on this list empowers you to craft interiors that reflect the essence of contemporary elegance.


Diogo Mendes

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