5 Modern Sofas for Every Home - Find Your Perfect Fit

04 August 2023

5 Modern Sofas for Every Home - Find Your Perfect Fit

5 Modern Sofas for Every Home - Find Your Perfect Fit
A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture, it's a place where memories are made, where one unwind after a long day, and gathers with their loved ones. In this article, we present five types of sofas that cater to diverse tastes and design aesthetics, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your project.

We understand the significance of finding the perfect sofa that not only complements your projects interior but also suits your client's unique preferences.

1. Modular Sofas - Versatility and Customisation

Laskasas' modern sofa in a living room with beige and brown hues Source: Laskasas | Fletcher sofa

Modular sofas have emerged as a popular choice for modern homes, and for a good reason. These versatile seating solutions allow you to customise and rearrange the individual components to fit your space perfectly. Whether you have a spacious living room or a cosy nook, modular sofas adapt to your needs effortlessly.

The beauty of modular sofas lies in their flexibility. You can add or remove sections to create a larger or smaller seating area, depending on your requirements. They come in various styles, from sleek and contemporary to plush and cosy, ensuring you find a design that complements your home's aesthetics.

Fletcher Sofa


2. Chaise Longue - Timeless Elegance and Comfort

Laskasas' modern sofa in a living room with beige and brown hues Source: Laskasas | Decker sofa

For those seeking sophistication and ultimate relaxation, the chaise longue is an excellent choice. This iconic piece of furniture dates back to ancient civilisations, and its timeless design has stood the test of time. With its elongated shape and comfortable upholstery, the chaise longue beckons you to stretch out and indulge in moments of repose.

The chaise longue makes a stylish addition to any living room, bedroom, or even a reading nook. Its versatility allows you to use it as a standalone piece or integrate it with other seating arrangements. Embrace the luxurious charm of the chaise longue and elevate your home's elegance.

Decker Sofa

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3. Chesterfield Sofas - Classic British Elegance

Laskasas' modern sofa in a living room with beige and brown hues Source: Laskasas | Chester sofa

If you seek a touch of classic British elegance, the Chesterfield sofa is an ideal choice. This iconic design, characterised by its distinctive deep button-tufting and rolled arms, exudes sophistication and refinement. The Chesterfield sofa adds a timeless appeal to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Crafted with attention to detail, these sofas are often upholstered in rich leather, velvet, or premium fabric, elevating their luxurious charm. The Chesterfield's unique design and historical significance make it a statement piece that exudes character and style.

Chester Sofa


4. Mid-Century Modern Sofas - Retro Chic Revival

Laskasas' modern sofa in a living room with beige and brown hues and a green rug Source: Laskasas | Stewart sofa

For those who appreciate the charm of the past with a modern twist, mid-century modern sofas are the perfect fit. Inspired by the designs of the mid-20th century, these sofas boast clean lines, organic shapes, and tapered legs. They bring a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to contemporary interiors.

Mid-century modern sofas come in a variety of upholstery options, from vibrant colours to classic neutrals, allowing you to make a bold statement or create a subtle accent in your living space. Embrace the retro chic revival with a mid-century modern sofa that adds character and style to your home.

Stewart Sofa


5. Corner Sofas - Space-Saving Elegance for Social Living

Laskasas' modern sofa in a living room with beige and brown hues and a city view

Source: Laskasas | Gold sofa

Corner sofas, also known as sectional corner sofas, are a smart and stylish solution for maximising space while fostering social interaction. Designed to fit snugly into room corners, they make efficient use of often underutilised spaces.

The unique L-shaped configuration of corner sofas allows for comfortable seating of more people, promoting togetherness during family gatherings, movie nights with friends, or quality time with loved ones. They create cosy nooks within larger living rooms, providing designated areas for relaxation and interaction, and act as natural dividers in open-plan spaces without the need for extra furniture or room dividers.

With various styles, fabrics, and sizes available, corner sofas offer versatile choices to customise and complement any interior decor. Whether you have a compact apartment, a spacious family home, or a trendy loft, investing in a corner sofa optimises space while adding elegance and comfort to your living space, transforming it into a welcoming and social haven.

Gold Sofa



In conclusion, choosing the right sofa for your project is a decision that impacts comfort and living space aesthetics. We have curated a diverse selection of five types of sofas, each catering to different tastes and design preferences.

Whether you desire the versatility of modular sofas, the timeless elegance of chaise longues, the retro chic vibes of mid-century sofas, the classic charm of Chesterfield sofas, or the smart side of corner sofas, our collection has the perfect fit for you.

Visit our website now and explore our wide range of sofas, designed to elevate your project's style and comfort. Let the sofa be a reflection of your client's personality and create a space where cherished memories are made.


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