A Professional Guide: What is the best Bedside Table for your Project?

14 October 2022

A Professional Guide: What is the best Bedside Table for your Project?

A Professional Guide: What is the best Bedside Table for your Project?

Bedside tables are a piece of must-have bedroom furniture, but finding the appropriate one for your bedroom project can be difficult. Bedside table nirvana doesn't have to be difficult to achieve. 

So, what should you consider when selecting bedside tables? This guide will tell you all you need to know to acquire the best side table for your needs and provide you with some excellent bedside table ideas.



What height should the bedside table have?



One of the first factors to consider when selecting a bedside table is the height of the bed. Should a bedside table be raised or lowered to match the size of the bed? The simple answer is that the bedside table's top should be level with the mattress or no more than 2-4 inches higher.



What about BEDSIDE storage?



Perhaps the most important purpose of a bedside table is storage. As well as the tabletop, which is ideal for keeping books, drinks, phones, and other personal items.


It is also a great location for a table lamp, which can be used for reading or rapidly providing light to the room without having to get up and turn on the main light. This piece of furniture can be designed with drawers and even some cabinet space underneath, in addition to surface space. It can be used to store everything from small personal items like medications to clothes and books. This is an excellent method to add much-needed storage space to the bedroom.



What design should you go for?



Design is also a big consideration. A peaceful and pleasant bedroom is vital for getting a good night's sleep, which is a significant factor in both long-term and short-term happiness. That is why it is vital to choose a bedside table that complements the colour scheme of the rest of the room.



It is possible to get bedroom sets, which allow you to buy all or most of your bedroom furniture at the same time for a more cohesive theme



Should you choose two bedside tables?


Whether or not you choose two bedside tables depends on a combination of style, space and function. Having two brings balance to the project's design and feel while using a single bedside table can provide an accent feature to your bedroom and give you more space.


When you have a client who shares a bed with a significant other, adding two bedside tables is a no-brainer since it provides a place for both to keep their essential evening items.



How to choose the lamps?


Who doesn't enjoy reading in bed by the soft glow of a lamp before falling asleep, and what better way to do so than with a gorgeous, functional, and sophisticated bedside table lamp?



How do you pick the best lamp for your bedroom project? To begin, determine the style in which you will furnish the space. Is it a modern minimalist with a taste for chrome, a matt black Japanese steel, or an eclectic bohemian with a love of rattan and coloured glass? This will determine the overall finish and appearance of the bedside table lamp.


Adriano Tavares

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