Amazing penthouse apartment project with Laskasas Pieces

15 December 2022

Amazing penthouse apartment project with Laskasas Pieces

Amazing penthouse apartment project with Laskasas Pieces

This breathtaking five-bedroom penthouse project, which cost £18,4mn, is located in Londonís Regentís Crescent area, specifically in the Garden Villas Ė a unique cluster of nine super premium lifestyle townhouses. Back in 1820, the iconic Regency was designed by John Nash to house close friends and family of King George IV, the Prince Regent. More recently, PDP London remastered the whole area, turning it into what it is today. 

The project has been led by the internationally renowned interior designer Alex Kravetz, who followed the Art Deco aesthetics already present while influenced by the music and art worlds. For instance, Lawrence Van Hagen's curated collection of art and the Scheiner & Shone grand piano are symbols of the above. These exclusive particularities transform the 4,228 sq ft penthouse apartment into a true museum with space for bespoke decoration.

A plethora of handpicked furnishing decorates this unique abode, and Laskasas is part of that restricted selection of brands where each piece serves a purpose, as weíre about to see.


Stepping in is already a synesthetic experience. At the mirror-clad entrance hall, the reflection of the sculptural installation by Cerith Wyn Evans gives a glance at what visitors might expect from this penthouse apartment..

Following the piano sight, is possible to find a masterfully well-developed expansive living room space that boasts a double-height ceiling and three different areas.

The lounge area, with the large fireplace, has beautiful natural lighting brought inside through two big windows and two skylights. Taking advantage of the huge ceiling height, Kravetz enhanced music once again - this time through a bespoke chandelier with 394 individually hung nano-coated glass pendants that represent musical notations and add a sense of calm.

Among several gorgeous furniture items, Laskasasí Miuzza sofastands out due to its exquisite velvet fabric, inspired by Art Deco silhouettes, which perfectly pairs with the surrounding decor.
Across the room, another social space was created. Here, all the upholstered items have Laskasasí signature, allowing the owner to sit his guests, after dinner, for a long and meaningful conversation followed by a glass of whiskey.
Either on the contemporary Wellington sofa or the classic chic Xangai armchairs, comfort and style are guaranteed.


Beautiful Nero Marquina Marble Kitchen

A rather discreet door connects the dining room with the kitchen. This last flaunts a wooden floor and an elegant Nero Marquina marble counter. A smaller wooden counter was installed to make the most of the space and provide a functional area where quick meals can be served. The seating solution needed to keep up with the ambience, and Laskasasí Nelly dining chairs were the right choice for the job. Nelly is a soulful piece with a deep round convex back and four wooden legs resulting in a sumptuous atmosphere booster.

bright coloured Bedrooms

Laskasasí designs were also selected to provide glimpses of contemporaneity in the private area. The master bedroom has a touch of romance and glamour exhaled by the Amour chair. Itís a single specimen, serving the dressing tableís purposes, in a decor where orange erupts as the contrasting colour.

On a smaller bedroom, water blue takes over the bed and the Ambrose armchair by Laskasas - a one-of-a-kind furniture option with a sleek convex back, a discreet wooden base, and a comfortable seat.


Adriano Tavares

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