An Exclusive Home Design by Komfort Centrum

30 December 2021

An Exclusive Home Design by Komfort Centrum

An Exclusive Home Design by Komfort Centrum
Located in the small town of Baltonfüred on the north shore of Lake Balaton, emerges an exclusive home design. Surrounded by tender mountains on the north, the beautiful lake on the south this place breathes serenity and privacy. Developed by the Hungarian interior design studio Komfort Centrum, in this article we are gonna unfold their last home interior design project.

This professional interior design company from Hungary curated this 2-floor luxurious Penthouse with an amazing panoramic lake view. This home design project with very big spaces was decorated with restrained elegance.

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For this penthouse home design, there were used strong colours, such as dark green and black, and materials like ceramics and wood. As a result, the idea was to create a sense of harmony with two kinds of materials for this interior design projectKomfort Centrum is an expert in the art of communication by materials, as a result, you can see their unique style on this decor.

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Another very interesting feature of this project is a uniquely produced 3D veneered wall panel. This panel gives this home design project an amazing touch of uniqueness and luxury mood.

Take a look at the project here:

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Featured products in this home design project:

Harry Sofa

Harry sofa quality crafted work provides a striking seating piece for your residential or hospitality projects. Fully upholstered, it is available in different versions as a smooth and comfortable sofa for inviting homes.

Ambrose Armchair

Ambrose is a one-of-a-kind armchair with a sleek convex back. It features a discreet wooden base to support a majestic upholstered armchair with a comfortable seat. With a detailed golden stainless steel line on the base, this is the armchair that will bring a chic vibe to your room.

Anthony coffee table

Anthony coffee table is a little extravagance for good design lovers. This charismatic centre table combines wood and metal, as a result, it is shaped to create inviting rooms with a luxury soul.

Allie desk

Allie desk is a clever storage solution for cosy offices or small studying areas. This is a mid-century piece with a modern approach. In conclusion, Allie adds style and glamour to your working days.

Other featured products in this project:

          James Mirror                     Mike Pouf                 Gordon Armchair                 Paris Pouf                   Xangai Armchair

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