Biophilic Design: More than a Trend
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20 July 2022

Biophilic Design: More than a Trend

Biophilic Design: More than a Trend

Since last year, the Biophilic design has grown in popularity, and the trend is expected to continue this year. Architects and designers are incorporating natural features into their designs in response to consumers' desire to embrace and protect the environment.

This interior design is more than a simple trend, it's actually helpful to the enviroment. Green infrastructures has the potential to attenuate CO2 emissions, increase the biodiversity of plants and wildlife and help regulate the temperature of buildings.

These changes are accomplished through design or architectural construction, whether through large windows with green vistas, the insertion of wallpaper with organic imagery, or the introduction of gardens in the house plan. In this article, well talk about what this design offers to the industry of interior design, what it is, and why it is so important. 


Adriano Tavares


Images Sources: Crox; Heatherwick Studio;

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