Collect Your Special Gift – Happy Holidays!
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09 December 2021

Collect Your Special Gift – Happy Holidays!

Collect Your Special Gift – Happy Holidays!
By now, it should be no secret that Laskasas’ 2022 collection is launching soon! As a special gift to you, we are releasing exciting news! If you are an interior design lover, is certain that this news will be extremely useful! Stay tuned to know everything about your special gift!



Exclusive PREVIEW of our new pieces

Discover 40 fresh opportunities to delight your clients in the next year! Designed by our skilled team, the new collection designs are a must for any interior design project. Be ahead of others, and get your brochure now, so you can start planning great interiors with your clients!

A BRAND NEW materials & finishes catalogue

We all know that one of the things that make Laskasas such a unique brand is the customization options! So, to turn these holidays even better, we have launched a new Materials & Finishes Catalogue. But it’s not available for everyone yet. So, run to get yours! We are offering interior designers, architects, and trade professionals over 100 customization options!



From new decors to new products, from upholstery to furniture, Laskasas is ready to take over 2022. Even though 2021 has been an incredible year, 2022 is preparing to be THE BEST!

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But for now – while we are still enjoying this year – have a look at our most wanted designs:

Anny bed

The fresh start that classic master bedroom projectsneedAnny bed is not only useful but also a piece of art that can be admired by those who walk into your room. A statement piece designed to be a show-stopper.

Randolph floor lamp

A stunning way to add style to any decor! Randolph floor lamp is the perfect example of how high-quality materials and great craftsmanship make the best furniture designs.

Rick sideboard

If you thought there was no way to have the perfect furniture design – you are WRONG! Rick sideboard will redefine the concept of beauty. A storage unit, ready to create beautiful and useful solutions for your interior design project.

Sophia armchair

Practical and comfortable, Sophia armchair is ready to be the focal point in your living room. Available in a variety of fabrics and colours, this armchair certainly knows how to leave any guests impressed!


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Mafalda Aguiar

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