Discover 9 Good Interior Design Magazines Shaping Trends Worldwide
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07 May 2024

Discover 9 Good Interior Design Magazines Shaping Trends Worldwide

Discover 9 Good Interior Design Magazines Shaping Trends Worldwide

When talking about interior design, inspiration is key. Whether you're a professional designer seeking the latest trends or an enthusiast looking to spruce up your living space, good interior design magazines offer a treasure trove of ideas, insights, and expertise.

In this article, we'll explore the nine best interior design magazines from around the globe, each shaping the landscape of design innovation and creativity.

Architectural Digest | United States | Founded in 1920

Architectural Digest, founded in the United States in 1920, stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the world of interior design magazines. With a global presence, it showcases exquisite homes, breathtaking architecture, and cutting-edge design trends.

From opulent mansions to sleek urban apartments, Architectural Digest offers a glimpse into the world of high-end design, making it a must-read for aficionados seeking inspiration and elegance.

Elle Decor| France | Founded in 1989

Elle Decor, launched in France in 1989, is synonymous with style and refinement. Catering to the modern homeowner with a penchant for chic interiors, this magazine celebrates the art of living beautifully.

From expert tips on colour palettes to in-depth profiles of top designers, Elle Decor curates a selection of aspirational content.

Livingetc| United Kingdom | Founded in 1998

Livingetc, launched in the United Kingdom in 1998, is a vibrant and contemporary interior design magazine that celebrates modern living in all its forms. With a focus on stylish homes, innovative design ideas, and practical solutions, it offers inspiration for creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

From bold colour palettes to clever storage solutions, Livingetc showcases the latest trends and design innovations, making it a go-to resource for homeowners looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Wallpaper*| United Kingdom | Founded in 1996

As its name suggests, Wallpaper* transcends the boundaries of traditional interior design magazines by seamlessly blending art, design, and culture. Founded in the United Kingdom in 1996, with a discerning eye for aesthetics, it showcases the intersection of fashion, architecture, and lifestyle, presenting a curated selection of the most captivating designs from around the globe.

From avant-garde furniture to visionary architecture, Wallpaper* pushes the boundaries of design innovation, making it a must-read for trendsetters and tastemakers.

Dwell| United States | Founded in 2000

Dwell, originating in the United States in 2000, celebrates the modernist ethos of clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and sustainable design. With a focus on contemporary architecture and innovative interiors, it offers a fresh perspective on urban living and environmentally conscious design.

From sleek prefab homes to eco-friendly renovations, Dwell inspires readers to rethink the way they inhabit space, making it a leading voice in the world of modern design.

House Beautiful | United States | Founded in 1896

House Beautiful, established in the United States in 1896, embodies the essence of timeless elegance and classic design. With a focus on traditional aesthetics and practical solutions, it offers a wealth of inspiration for homeowners seeking to imbue their spaces with warmth and charm.

From expert advice on decor to DIY projects and renovation tips, House Beautiful caters to a broad audience of design enthusiasts, making it a beloved staple in the world of interior design magazines.

Vogue Living | United States | Founded in 1967

Vogue Living, founded in the United States in 1967, epitomises luxury and sophistication, bringing the iconic style of Vogue to the world of interior design. With stunning photography and insightful editorial content, it offers a glimpse into the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous.

From lavish penthouses to exotic retreats, Vogue Living showcases the most exclusive homes and destinations, making it a coveted source of inspiration for discerning readers.

House & Garden | United Kingdom | Founded in 1901

House & Garden magazine, originating in the United Kingdom in 1901, is a venerable institution in the world of interior design, known for its timeless elegance and impeccable taste. With a focus on luxurious homes, exquisite gardens, and stylish living, it offers a wealth of inspiration for design enthusiasts.

From historic estates to contemporary retreats, House & Garden showcases the best of classic and modern design, making it a must-read for aficionados seeking refined aesthetics and sophistication.

Frame| Netherlands | Founded in 1997

Frame magazine, founded in the Netherlands in 1997, is a leading global publication at the intersection of interior design, architecture, and spatial design. With a focus on innovation and creativity, Frame explores the evolving landscape of design through thought-provoking articles, interviews, and visual narratives.

Renowned for its cutting-edge editorial content and striking photography, Frame inspires readers with avant-garde concepts, emerging trends, and experimental approaches to space and form.

Whether highlighting groundbreaking projects or showcasing the work of emerging designers, Frame remains a trailblazer in the world of design journalism, shaping the dialogue surrounding contemporary spatial design on a global scale.


Diogo Filipe Mendes

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