HELLO UK! New Store At The Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
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25 February 2022

HELLO UK! New Store At The Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

HELLO UK! New Store At The Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
We are always excited when it comes to news regarding the design world! This month will be the start of something big for us, and hopefully for our clients and partners. We couldn’t be happier to announce that Laskasas opened a flagship store at the Design Centre Chelsea HarbourStay with us and know everything about the new flagship store! 

Visit us at the Design Centre East – UNIT 102.


There you can find some designs from the new collection, the most-wanted pieces and sample boxes that you can use to help turn your project into reality!

In January we launched our 2022 collection. Some of those designs are at the new flagship store at Design Centre Chelsea, such as the Larson desk, the Biel bookshelf, and the Norman TV Cabinet. The Norman TV Cabinet is the perfect example when it comes to combining materials and finishes. This product offers a variety of materials such as marble, leather, and wood. And, of course, just like the other pieces, this one can be customizable according to our client’s needs.


The 2022 collection is an extension of the previous one, but this year we put an extra effort to showcase better the materials and the lines of the product. And I think it’s clear to see when looking at some of the new designs like the Fletcher sofaRalph sideboard, the Pitt Tea Cart, etc, that the materials and combinations take the central stage.

Lasksasas will meet with the customers at the store since we have an area prepared for that and all the tools needed for customization of the products – like brochures and the sample box. People can schedule a meeting online or just walk in. You can also open your Trade Account at the store!

Visit our brand new flagship store at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour!

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Mafalda Aguiar

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