Home Design by Karma Al Nimer Interiors

18 November 2021

Home Design by Karma Al Nimer Interiors

Home Design by Karma Al Nimer Interiors
Karma Al Nimer Interiors Design Studio curated a home design, located in the historical capital of Jordan. Amman was the perfect match for this interior design project. The city is known for its diversity of people and its varied forms of architecture. Today we will take you on a closer look at the latest home design project with some of Laskasas most popular pieces.

This experienced interior design studio planned this luxurious home design with 250 square meters. The vintage touch from the Wellington sofa set the tone of this project. Because of its organic curved shape detail, it creates a relaxed feeling in the room.

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This contemporary modern residential apartment was designed to act as a functional yet luxurious interior home. The dining room is the perfect illustration of the perfect balance between functionality, practicality and luxury.

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The deliberate use of textures and natural colours was the perfect way to create the wanted sophisticated environment. As a result, was an elegant contemporary home design decor that brings the right feeling to the residence.

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Featured products in this home design project:

Welligton Sofa

This piece of furniture design exudes a vintage flair in any interior design project. With a wooden base and convex back, Wellington is perfect for comfortable and stylish decors. As a result, the Wellington sofa is that sofa you didn’t know you need until you see it.

Lua coffee table

Lua coffee table is composed of two centrepieces that elevate the style of any living room. These two sophisticated furniture pieces designs are inspired by the unique shape of the moon. Lua is perfect for modern rooms and classy decor and home design projects.

Avignon console

Avignon console raises the limits of minimalist design with a structure of gracious lines. The Avignon console is a furniture design piece that calls attention in any room or interior design project. As a result, it is an elegant provider with an enchanting aura. This modern console table is available in different colours, textures, sizes and finishes.

Peter Bar Stool

Peter bar stool is a majestic addition to any luxurious home or residential apartment project. A contemporary bar chair with metallic details and stainless steel structure. This is a classic design for a vintage bar or lounge for a residential area with a modern touch. Therefore is perfect for stylish homes. Peter features a rectangular shape on the back and a four-leg frame.

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