How to Choose the Right Furniture Supplier for Your Business

07 December 2022

How to Choose the Right Furniture Supplier for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Furniture Supplier for Your Business

It is fairly usual for retailers to select furniture based on what they believe would sell the best. Many interior designers also chose their furniture supplier based on what gives them the greatest profit at the time, overlooking the support that is required after the purchase.


A recent survey estimated the worldwide furniture industry is worth more than $330 billion. Choosing the right supplier to provide you with home or office furnishings can be a daunting undertaking in such a huge market. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right furniture supplier for your business.


A furniture supplier is a company that offers a range of furniture products for home decor and furnishings. They can be wholesale or retail businesses that source furniture from manufacturers or import them directly.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Furniture Supplier?

The right furniture supplier can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your space. They can provide you with access to a wide range of products, customized solutions, and expert advice to help you achieve your home decor goals.

should be able to provide informative support | Reliability | Offer

Choose the Right Furniture Supplier


  • First, all the key points that are considered important in a furniture supplier must be analysed. A furniture supplier should be accessible in terms of support pending your purchase and support after your purchase.

The assistance and understanding of your furniture supplier can mean the difference between acquiring the items you require to complete your project on schedule or being late. So, before you choose your furniture supplier be sure to contact their trade product specialist and


  • Second, the furniture supplier you choose must be reliable. It is important to understand if they are trying to complete that specific sale, or if they want to maintain the relationship with you. A good relationship of trust between interior designers/retailers and furniture suppliers is more than 50% of business success.

  • Third, what they have to offer is important. Letís be honest, they can have the best professionals and intentions, but if their offer is limited, thatís a problem. The number of products they have available counts, and if they offer customization options even better.



Quality | Lead Time

Choose the Right Furniture Supplier


Do their pieces meet your quality standards? Would you sell those pieces to your clients? These are the two main questions that you should answer before choosing a furniture supplier.


Check if their manufacturing process is as they advertise, buy their sample boxes, or just go to their nearest showroom and see for yourself if their furniture meets your requirements.


How long does it take on average for stock orders vs custom orders? If you choose to customise that perfect sofa that you saw, will that increase your lead time? Having customisation options, itís important but they can influence the rest of your project. Before any order, ensure that your furniture supplier is transparent regarding lead times.



Letís Talk about Profit

Furniture Supplier wood


These key points are essential to help you choose the best furniture supplier for your business, but they arenít the only ones. Everyone wants to make money in the interior design business, so the amount of trade discount you get itís important.


You must cover your basic overhead expenses, pay your staff, reinvest in your company, and leave some money for yourself at the end.


When selecting a supplier, consider their production costs as well as their MAP pricing rules, as both can have a significant impact on how you conduct your sales.


Their Marketing can be Your Marketing


Consider how a supplier markets their products, both to dealers like you and to end consumers. Do they enjoy integrating their dealers into their marketing? Do they have social media accounts that generate buzz about specific items? Do they offer promotions? How often?


If they check all these questions, then they can greatly boost your marketing and sales, by simply engaging with them on social media, or just trading content marketing posts.

Building a Partnership with Your Furniture Supplier

  • Establishing Open Communication is key to building a successful partnership with your furniture supplier. Make sure to communicate your needs, expectations, and any concerns you may have clearly and concisely.

  • Collaborating on Custom Solutions Many furniture suppliers offer custom solutions, such as bespoke designs or modified pieces. Collaborate with your supplier to create pieces that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Evaluating Lead Times and Customer Service It is essential to consider lead times and customer service when selecting a furniture supplier. Make sure that the supplier can deliver your furniture on time and provide prompt and professional customer service if any issues arise.


Looking for a Furniture Supplier?


If you are looking for the ideal furniture supplier for your store or to help you with your next project, Laskasas can help you. We ensure that all these points are followed by our team, where all customers receive personalized support to help them with any doubts and problems that may arise.


  • Consigliere support

One-on-One personalized advice is available to help you through the design and buying process. We offer you hundreds of ways to customise and make sure you donít get overwhelmed by a sea of choices, our Trade Project Specialists are here to guide you.


Want to open a new flagship store or having trouble finding that perfect piece for your project? Look no further.


  • Custom-Made Furniture


Most furniture suppliers brag about a couple of customisation options. Customisation is at the heart of Laskasas, allowing you to select the exact look that suits your residential and commercial projects.


From upholsteries to woods and dimensions, you can rest assured knowing that you can meet any clientís needs through our wide selection of items and styles. Get unique pieces for your project, with over 100 customisation options available. Our design, your pieces.


  • Trade Program


If youíve looked at a trade account application before and felt overwhelmed, youíre not alone. Some of the questions donít do any favours to small or new businesses and thereís little in the form of help to complete them.


We want you to spend your time on more valuable things, so we try to make this process easier and faster for you. The application can be made right on our website and then one of our Trade Project Specialists will be assigned to you and promptly ask you for the VAT Identification number/Tax ID, companyís name, and address. And thatís it! Youíre in.

In conclusion, finding the right furniture supplier is a critical aspect of any home decor project. By assessing your needs, researching options, and building a partnership, you can find the perfect supplier to provide you with the furnishings and solutions you need to transform your space.


Adriano Tavares

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