Instyle Direct New Project: a Home Inspired in the “Colours of the Earth”

10 December 2021

Instyle Direct New Project: a Home Inspired in the “Colours of the Earth”

Instyle Direct New Project: a Home Inspired in the “Colours of the Earth”
According to Instyle Direct studio “a luxury home that reflects your personality”.

Colours of the earth is a colour scheme that draws from a colour palette of browns, tans, greens, and warm greys of the palette of Pantone.
Looking for a natural touch for your residency projects? Try to mix earth tones and nature-inspired elements with contemporary details.

InStyle Direct is London’s leading home furnishing company, providing furnishing packages, home staging, and interior design. In this project proposed to find a perfect environment for a residential project, with a combination of materials and colours, mainly colours of the earth. Be inspired with a unique concept and create more inviting and cosy interiors. Create harmonious spaces where peace and calm reign. The serene atmosphere invites you to relax and unwind.

In 2021, people increasingly prefer interesting original compositions for their interiors. Bright and fresh solutions are what most modern designers strive to achieve.

Contrasting elements can be individual pieces of furniture, and decor items. Here, each part of the space becomes a separate art object, which together makes up a harmonious composition. A comfortable and elegant interior atmosphere reminiscent of the colors of the earth.

Sophisticated grey, neutral colours and some gold details and "classic blue in beauty" predominate in the interior designer’s choices. The colours inspire all of us to find our own sanctuary in any space. The project for this studio is a rich anchor that grounds the mind in calm and harmonious vibes.

Severine Oborotova works as an interior designer at the InStyle Direct Studio and is specialized in creating mood boards. For this residential project, she created welcoming spaces inspired by colours of the earth. According to the designer some pieces from Laskasas served as inspiration for the decoration of the project.


Sofia Aguiar

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