Interior Design With Camilla Bellini  #2 Guest Blogging

25 August 2021

Interior Design With Camilla Bellini #2 Guest Blogging

Interior Design With Camilla Bellini  #2 Guest Blogging
Camilla Bellini is, certainly, no stranger to the design world. An Italian interior and product designer, and bloggerCamilla has gathered an audience of almost 77k followers on Instagram. This month, the influencer is our guest in the second guest blogging session. Stay with us and discover Camillas insights about the interior design world!

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What can not miss in your dream home?
In my dream home it cannot be missing a correct and balanced harmony of colors and spaces, enriched by some contrast points. Im also a big fan of paintings, mirrors, and plants. I want them in my dream home because I like elegant, welcoming houses that make us feel good and comfortable.

As an influencer and interior design expert, it is safe to say that you are always on top of new trends. What trends do you foresee for interior design this winter?

Tech devices:
During the next winter season, our homes will have an increase in the presence of technological and home automation devices, such as voice assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc) that integrate and communicate with all our elements. This integration will be also from a design point of view. Its time for well-designed tech devices.

Home office:
Adding to this, there will be given more importance to the home office or to the home-work corner. A real revolution of habits and ways of life has now begun, which will leave the marks of its passage even in the time to come. Instead, talking from the point of view of style, massive use of colors, materials, and warm fabrics will be the protagonists of our interior design projects.

What elements that are always part of a typical Italian house?
Certainly in a typically Italian home a particular attention is dedicated to the kitchen and all the elements of the dining area. The moment of conviviality, being together, having lunch or dinner together, maybe with a good plate of pasta, is essential, and its much more pleasant when you are surrounded by a carefully furnished space.

What are your expectations for iSaloni 2021?
This September edition of iSaloni will be very special (even if the event originally took place in September). It will be an edition in which design takes center stage again, after a long absence of events and exhibitions. This is the most important design appointment to date since the start of the pandemic. We wont forget the lesson of digital, but Im sure that being back in Milan and being surrounded in person by design will be amazing.
In addition to design, the iSaloni 2021 will bring back the desire of being in places, from a human and a professional point of view.

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Featured products:

What brands are you looking forward to see at iSaloni 2021?

During the edition of iSaloni 2021, I expect to see historic and established companies, but I expect (and Im very curious) to see also brand new companies and new design proposals.

From our 2021 catalogue, which is your favorite piece?

Hard question. Choosing a single product from your catalogue is quite difficult because there are so many pieces that I particularly like. Your style deeply meets mine. However, if I had to name just one piece, I would say the Marcel table lamp. I think it is suitable for very many environments and I confess that I would really like to have it in my home too.

We all know the common use of that piece. If you had to use it forsomething other than the usual one, what would it be?

The Marcel table lamp is perfect as a lamp, but if I had to imagine and use my creativity, it would be suitable even without shedding light, as an ornament or decorative element. Characterized only by its geometric and statutory shape and its pure materials. So amazing!

Furniture is

Furniture is an extension of the person who lives it.


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