Living room: Insights from pros on how to decorate
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07 July 2022

Living room: Insights from pros on how to decorate

Living room: Insights from pros on how to decorate

We know that decorating a living room can be overwhelming. Considered by many as the new heart of the home, the living rooms are once again a top priority for interior design professionals. The never-ending search for the perfect decoration project may seem like an endless mission, but as an interior professional, keeping your goals organized is vital to achieving your dream project. 

The approach toward designing an interior design project has altered dramatically as a result of the pandemic, affecting the entire interior design market. 

Laskasas compiled insights from pros on how to decorate the living room to its full potential. 




 Laskasas Bookshelf

"The design of the room and how you plan the space should lend itself to an overall sense of flow, order and organization," says Roselind Wilson, founder and creative director of Roselind Wilson Design. Nowadays, the search for organization at home has increased drastically, making minimalistic design increasingly sought after. Disorder is often a sign of a lived-in, homely space. Try to embrace this concept without diving excessively deep into it, and make things easier to locate and simple to navigate.

"As we people spend more time at home, they become more aware than ever of the need for space," says Simon Tcherniak, senior furniture designer at Neville Johnson. "Rooms that were once forgotten are being rejuvenated as tranquil spaces or multifunctional living zones."

Perhaps the most effective way to tackle this problem is by adding more storage, and it's wise to go for the biggest your space will take to keep the clutter in check. Jennifer J Morris, interior designer at JMorris Design says " Keeping clutter low down, so I like using bookshelves or consoles... this means that even if it's not completely tidy and curated, it's not in your visual sightline." 

The Emy bookshelf is a piece of furniture that expands and maximizes storage without taking up much space in the room. With multiple tiers and a swanky S-style design, this storage unit provides versatility and convenience fused with timeless design.





arabic living room

Symmetry is an interior design trick used to create smart-looking rooms, and it's perfect for small spaces. When applied in interior design, symmetry provides balance and a sense of peace, and while it is extremely attractive in large rooms, it can also create a sense of enhanced space in smaller rooms.

"I am always aiming to create order in a room, and I find one of the best ways to establish this is through symmetry and balance," says Roselind Wilson. The best way to use symmetry in a room is by having an architectural feature as a starting or centre point. If you don't have an architectural element, you can use another visual anchor as your centre point, such as a patterned rug. 

Liv Wallers from the British design studio, Yellow London says "Symmetry provides balance within a room and it often starts from the focal point, whether that be a fireplace in the living room or the headboard in a bedroom. It brings a sense of comfort and rhythm to a space which is an integral part of our design approach. It can be used right down to the smaller details of the room, cushions on the sofa to lamps on a dresser."



book trick interior design 

One of the oldest tricks in the book (nice one), they are a brilliant addition to any display and come in really handy when styling. How many times have you selected some piece that you thought was perfect for that living room corner and it felt too simple, or bare-boned? Maybe you should have added some books on that sideboard. Most of us will have a collection of books, so rather than hide them away, utilize them to elevate the look of your project.

"Books help to give a home warmth and personality," says Lisa Staton, CEO and Designer at Lisa Staton Design. "They can also be used to add height to smaller objects." 


coffee table

Coffee tables are a perfect example of small furniture pieces that usually are unjustly overlooked. They can be fundamental design options that serve as the final touch of your project. 

Camilla Clarke, creative director at Albion Nord says "play with scale and display larger items like big art books and backgammon boards with smaller bowls or objects. Fresh foliage, flowers or a plant is a must, but make sure it feels relaxed and usable rather than staged or untouchable. However beautiful the arrangement, practicality is very important so make sure there is enough room to put everyday things down such as a cup of coffee or a magazine."

D'Arc coffee table features beautiful stainless steel support that creates a stunning contrast with the wooden top and body. A gorgeous design and the ideal addition to a living room.



living room neutrals 

keeping objects in full view may seem counterproductive, but there is a method to the madness. Despite the search for simple, de-cluttered living rooms, you don't need to hide everything. In fact decorative solutions can make a huge difference to the overall look of the project. 

A cluster of simple floating shelves, or beautiful wall decoration, work particularly well in an open-plan living room. "Having a balance of open and closed storage allows you to hide what you'd like to store and display those things that you enjoy looking at and that tell a story about who you are and what you care about." says Laura Cattano, professional organizer. 


 Insights from pros on how to decorate with candles

The feelings in the living room should be a mix of calm, sociable, and inviting. Fresh scented candles can generate positive energy during the day, and lighting candles in the living room at night can create a warm and inviting ambiance. "Scent is a powerful sense. Scent can enhance your mood. I get a warm festive feeling if I smell cinnamon or clove, so I look for candles scented with one of those" Stina Lanneskog, designer.

Candles don't act just for the purpose of decoration, the sense of smell is perhaps more strongly tied to memory than any other sense. Those with full sensory function may be able to recall fragrances that trigger specific memories, such as the scent of an orchard in bloom stirring up memories of a childhood excursion. Often candles are used as a strategic advantage when presenting something new to a client, simply by present a pleasant smell and setting the mood.

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