Materials & Finishes  Oak Furniture Designs

02 February 2022

Materials & Finishes Oak Furniture Designs

Materials & Finishes  Oak Furniture Designs
Its no secret that one of Laskasas strengths is the variety of Materials & Finishes. With more than 100 customization options, our Materials & Finishes Catalogue can be an interior designer best friend. CUSTOM-MADE, NOT PRE-MADE. Oak furniture usually is strong, hard, heavy and dense. This material is also very resistant to insect and fungal infestations. Discover here the best Oak Furniture Designs!


Emy Bookshelf

In need of storage? This gorgeous bookshelf may be the solution. With clean lines and a sleek design, Emy exudes a sense of sophistication into any room. For books, plants or even pictures, there will be no such thing as a messy room anymore! As a result, youll be in love with its multiple tiers and swanky S-style design.

Tim Tray

The perfect addition to any interior design project. Use Tim Tray to add luxury details in your setting. You could even use it to store barware in a bar, toiletries in a bathroom, or in a bedroom for makeup and jewellery, for a touch of added sophistication to any space.

Amber Tallboy

You can never go wrong with clean lines. Amber Tallboy will prove you that! Add extra storage to your bedroom, without compromising on the style. Its neutral finish helps it blend with a variety of colour palettes and aesthetics, while its steel accents and wooden structure add a decorative touch.

Pam TV Cabinet

Elevate your entertainment area in a sophisticated style. Pam TV Cabinet blends effortlessly into both monochromatic and vibrant spaces. A great addition to a contemporary living room.

Biel Bookshelf

The best way to add storage in a room is by using a bookshelf. Is not too wide, and tall enough to guarantee plenty of space! Biel is an exciting piece of furniture that is robust, attractive, and functional at the same time!


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