Minimalist Hallways: 7 Stylish Examples

12 March 2021

Minimalist Hallways: 7 Stylish Examples

Minimalist Hallways: 7 Stylish Examples
The minimalism style that has been actual in recent years in the interiors of the hallway. Find 7 stunning minimalist hallways in our new selection.

A minimum of items, a complete lack of decors and a maximum of functionality are the main features of minimalism. Is it any surprise that designers love this style so much when it comes to decorating the hallway. Indeed, in a small, narrow entrance area, where every useful centimetre counts, the principle of “nothing more” is as relevant as possible. We have collected for you inspiring examples from projects of Laskasas, which once again prove: Less Is More, period.

Vertical silhouettes & high-quality details in minimalist hallways

The Desert entrance hall features an elevated passageway with chic design solutions, vertical silhouettes and high-quality details.

Super-cosy foyer

Home entry is the first thing visitors see when they step inside a house. The Feelgood entrance hall is a super-cosy foyer placed in a high-comfortable living room.

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Set a fun air of irreverence for the rooms ahead

The Nowhere entrance hall is a transitional space that sets a fun air of irreverence for the rooms ahead. This minimalist decor evokes a complete sense of calm through warm and seamless design.

Embraces French interior design styling

The Proust entrance hall embraces French interior design styling. The curved angles of the console give a modern edge to the foyer.