MISHKASHOE And Furniture Design – #3 Guest Blogging

29 September 2021

MISHKASHOE And Furniture Design – #3 Guest Blogging

MISHKASHOE And Furniture Design – #3 Guest Blogging
Michaela, known in the Instagram world as @mishkashoe is our guest for the 3rd guest blogging session! For those who have seen her Instagram account, Michaela is a home styling and DIY expert. Very aligned with Laskasas, the influencers’ feed is filled with minimalist designs, clean lines, and gorgeous interiors. Have a look at what she had to say regarding the furniture design world!

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First time ever at Decorex, right? What do you expect from it?

Yes, first time for me and it’s all very exciting, definitely a highlight of my year. It will be very overwhelming to see all brands and exhibitions in one place for sure. it’s such a fantastic opportunity for everyday people to see the whole industry come together and celebrate our passion for design and interiors. I can’t wait to feel inspired!

Which furniture design brands are you more excited to see at Decorex and why?

I am extremely looking forward to seeing Laskasas as I absolutely love everything about Laskasas‘ brand and aesthetics. But also, this day will be about exploring how I can introduce more sustainability into my work. I love introducing a mix of old and new when it comes to our home, so I believe Decorex will be a place of inspiration for me to find any new ways of approaching design and interior styling.

Which of our products that is going to be at Decorex 2021 is your favorite and why?

It’s quite impossible to choose as all pieces are incredibly beautiful. I absolutely adore the mix of textures across all of these pieces, especially the Dean sideboard and Ann table. I am a huge fan of marble textures at the moment, it’s such a timeless design. But for me, the favorite piece is certainly the Wellington sofa. I absolutely adore the curved shape with the wooden base design. 

Dean sideboard:

Ann dining table:

Wellington sofa:

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It’s safe to say that you know all about decorating a Scandinavian-type home. Can you tell us your TOP 3 best tips when starting a home decor?

I know starting out can be very overwhelming, but I would recommend living in your home first for a few weeks before you start decorating & furnishing just to get the feel of your home, monitor natural lighting and how you are utilizing the space, please don’t ignore the traffic flow in your home and design around it. But the main ones would be- Don’t rush and have a plan, Establish a focal point, and don’t make any compromises before exploring all of your options.

What are the most common mistakes when decorating an interior?

There are so many I can think of right now but for me, the main ones would be: firstly, stop thinking that everything has to match. Mix and match your furniture to showcase your personality. Don’t be scared to express your creativity. Secondly, make sure that you have the correct sized area rug for your space, and lastly, think of having the right number of light sources. Think of creating the right level of ambiance but also think of the practicality.

You chose some pieces from our collection. Why those products?

Yes, I have chosen a couple. It was the Ambrose chair and a Naomi side table. I believe both of these designs match our home aesthetics while providing comfort and practicality. Ambrose chair is definitely one of its kind, I particularly like the very sophisticated curved back and the wooden base definitely adds a bit of spice to the design for sure.