Modern Living Room With Sofa And Colourful Armchairs

22 July 2021

Modern Living Room With Sofa And Colourful Armchairs

Modern Living Room With Sofa And Colourful Armchairs
This modern living room is a bright example that the time of monochrome sofa groups is over. At the peak of fashion – colourful composition of sofas and armchairs, which will add dynamics and colours to the modern living room interior!

Uniformity and symmetry, which reigned in the design of sofa groups in the living room, are a thing of the past, along with large sets. Now in vogue are free compositions, assembled from “assorted” sofas and armchairs. It can be the same and similar in design models with different upholstery, or completely different in style, united in an eclectic picturesque group. This solution allows adding dynamics and accents to the interior creating a fashionable space, adaptable to your tastes, and needs.

Sofas and armchairs of different colours, but in the same style – a technique that was used for this living room. To create a harmonious composition, it’s enough to choose a style you like and push away from it, selecting furnitureClassicScandinavian styleart deco or minimalism – there are a lot of options, it all depends on your tastes and preferences.

The sophisticated flair of this interior is achieved through an impressive sofa with clean lines and a black iron structure. And the farmhouse armchairs are the unexpected edgy elements that break up the classic concept.

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In order to keep the harmonious appearance of the living room, you can put sofas and armchairs of different colours, but with the same lines and shapes.

Featured Pieces:

The vintage fabric adds a special feeling to the Cole armchair. A wooden structure seating piece with a retro pattern design and high armrests. The arms attached to the back made of straw gives a sense of continuity. Conceived from the interpretation of classics, Colefeatures sophistication with fine leather upholstery for a luxury touch in any room.

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Stewart sofa is the perfect addition to a thoroughly modern living room. This sofa is great to be mixed with neutral tones or to be a sober focal point in sublime spaces. As a result, Stewart provides a sculptural shape to any decor.


Daria Vaskina

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