New Laskasas Showroom in Luxembourg with Lopeseco Design Studio

14 May 2021

New Laskasas Showroom in Luxembourg with Lopeseco Design Studio

New Laskasas Showroom in Luxembourg with Lopeseco Design Studio
Laskasas expands its borders – new Laskasas showroom in Luxembourg with Lopeseco Design Studio.

Established in the city of Porto (Portugal) in 2004, Laskasas is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces.

Laskasas furniture and upholstery collections strive to honour and elevate Portuguese heritage of craftsmanship around all the world. Each piece is a new perspective of traditional design, defying laws of silhouettes, materials and textures combinations.

With 17 years of experience we have already gained trust and a stable market position in more than 50 countries.

We have opened 29 showrooms around all the world, including Eurasian continent, North and South America and Africa. Laskasas has established its reputation as a leading furniture firm, creating spaces with a certain feeling that work has hubs of energy in any project.

Our goal is to make the world of modern Laskasas design available for everyone, with the opportunity to live in touch with our creations. Laskasas offers tailor-made options, handmade upholstery and unmatched combinations of non-conventional materials with long-lasting pieces.

The grand opening of our latest showroom took place on the 10th of May in Luxembourg, in collaboration with one of our best partners – Lopeseco Design Studio.

Here you will find more than 30 Laskasas pieces, both furniture and upholstery, and can get advice from design specialists. Lopeseco Design Studio will help you to select the best products and necessary finishes for your home or residential projects.