Nino Zvarkovskaya & Mobilicasa  - The Furniture Designs

01 April 2022

Nino Zvarkovskaya & Mobilicasa - The Furniture Designs

Nino Zvarkovskaya & Mobilicasa  - The Furniture Designs
There is no better way to start a new year than to discover some brand new projects with high-end furniture designs! Truth be told, we would never expect less from the amazing interior designer Nino Zvarkovskaya. From Moscow, Russia, this interior designer exceeds everyone's expectations when it comes to creating sophisticated yet modern interiors. Stay with us and discover more about this gorgeous project, featuring some of Laskasas most wanted designs!

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This project was not just a cooperation between the interior designer and Laskasas. Mobilicasa, a Laskasas partner in Moscow, was part of this great achievement.

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Mobilicasa, managed by its DirectorDmitry Egorchev, is a showroom where Russian based interior designers can find the most sophisticated and high-end furniture designs. Dmitry motto is simple:

"Bringing comfort and cosiness to each house. Always taking into consideration positive criticism, is probably the best part of our work."

Nino Zvarkovskaya
is no stranger to gorgeous interiors. With a clean and simple style, this interior designer can transform any project into a sophisticated and luxurious masterpiece. 

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Furniture designs featured in this project:

Little Jack Table Lamp

Member of the Jack family, the Little Jack table lamp is a great addition to any space decoration. From classic entrance halls to stunning dining rooms, this is a marble table lamp with a discrete size and daring romantic details. 

Randolph Floor Lamp

With only one point of light, Randolph it’s perfect to act as ambient light. Featuring wrought-iron feet and structure, this floor lampshowcases the high-quality craftsmanship for which Laskasas is known.

Dave Wall Lamp

Dave wall lampcreates a smooth ambient light while giving dimension to the space. This is the modern wall sconce that you need to light up homes everywhere. A minimalistic lighting design conceived from marble and metal.

Amy Dressing Table

Amy dressing table is the perfect piece to create a private beauty area in your own bedroom. Made of smooth wood, this table offers a huge surface area to make sure you will have everything in hand for your beauty routine. 

Edson Pouf

The soft curves of the atemporal Edson pouf are ideal for outstanding settings. An upholstered stool made in two different fabrics. A metal strap that simultaneously unites and separates the two hemispheres.

Corin Bed

Corin bed is a traditional design for timeless bedrooms. Fully upholstered, it will add extra comfort and style to any project. Its extra-large headboard gives a special touch of drama and sophistication.

Our pieces are timeless, but sophisticated. As a result, there is no perfect way to add a Laskasas furniture design to an interior design project!

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