The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for 2023

11 November 2022

The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for 2023

The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas for 2023

Even in 2022, the kitchen is still considered by many the heart of the home. More than just a place to cook, itís where everyone gathers, starts their days, and connects with their families over a cup of coffee.


The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house because it actively contributes to your clientís health and happiness, so designing a space with style and function is essential. In this article, we've selected a few designs that we think will remain relevant for the year to come.

Modern Coastal Design

Designer: Olga Adler.

This design has a coastal feel that meets modern criteria. Beautiful white cabinetry blends perfectly with the islandís darker tones. The white accent hues continue through the project with well-designed chairs that were custom-made to fit under the islandís height.

It's a small kitchen design intended for entertaining and informal meals shared in the kitchen while sitting or standing.

Elegant Minimalism

Designer: Victor Fernandez of Bluebell Kitchens


This minimalistic kitchen design catches the eye of anyone. The gentle colours, polished wood features, and simplicity of the chairs convey peace throughout the project.

A two-tier secondary island provides seating for 11 people while also adding more architectural detail to the overall design.

Rustic Chic

Designers: Melanie Turner Interiors and Greg Dennee and Darin Hoekema of Locati Architects


Rustic designs are always eye-catching, especially as they blend in perfectly with the rest of the environment. This small kitchen design maximizes open space, forfeiting the surrounding walls.


The goal for this kitchen was to balance flow, function and maximize the gathering. Much of the storage is tucked into a small pantry behind the stove, which is a clever idea when space is limited.


Functional and Contrast


Designer: Tricia Bayer of Belle Kitchen


The less is more approach is clear in this small kitchen design. Although minimalistic at heart this project packs a punch when it comes to elegant and clever storage solutions.

 The colour contrast is a key feature of the project, with small splashes of wood to help the project blend with the surroundings. The walnut table intersects the geometry of the island and houses convenient outlets.

Dark Wood Concept

Concept Designer: Pedro Neto

The floor-to-ceiling storage unit and the wooden island contrast with the marble backdrop. The bar stool helps sharpen up this small kitchen area with olive green colours that match perfectly with with the dark wood accents of the project. The soft-yellow marble counter top is the perfect finishing touch. There is something inherently timeless and beautiful about this concept project by Laskasas.

Estoril bar stool is a mid-century bar chair with a modern twist. Handmade from the finest materials, this is a piece you won't find anywhere else. Estoril brings style and incredible glamour to any luxurious bar. With a crescent back, this is a trendy piece that brings out the best of your home bar design.


Adriano Tavares


Houzz Pro (images)

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