The New Collection! See Here The Most Wanted Furniture Designs
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18 February 2022

The New Collection! See Here The Most Wanted Furniture Designs

The New Collection! See Here The Most Wanted Furniture Designs
As you may already know our new collection was launched on the 20th of January with the motto DESIGNING PURPOSEFUL CONNECTIONS with you! We did introduce our new Sample Box and an amazing Trade Program to the interior design world. But today we are gonna let you know our most wanted furniture designs of this new collection.

2022 New Designs

It’s over 390 pages long and filled with inspiration on how to create remarkable interior design or real estate projects.

Apart from old favourites, the catalogue includes all our novelties and our most wanted furniture designs. From products to decors, this catalogue can be your main source of inspiration!

You can download the catalogue by clicking here!

Most wanted Furniture Designs:

Marilyn dining table

The first piece of furniture we want to tell you about is the Marilyn dining table which has a table top made of authentic marble. The design of its central foot and the ability to choose from some of the most exquisite marbles on the market makes it very elegant. Therefore you can customize itin different types of marbles and woods, to get the perfect table for your luxurious interior design projects.

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Bonnie bed

The most wanted furniture design that couldn’t be out of this list is our majestic Bonnie bed. This upholstered bed will make any bedroom infinitely cosier and let you customize it with a wide range of fabrics. This bed with integrated bedside tables, with a matte finish, combines aesthetics and functionality. There’s also a plus that Bonnie features smart built-in nightstands, with wireless chargers.


Norman TV cabinet

One of our definitely most wanted furniture designs is the retro Norman TV cabinet. Defined by its elegant, minimalist silhouette, it blends perfectly with interiors in the traditional and 50’s-inspired setting. With a customizable tabletop, you will be able to give your living room a refreshing touch and classic beauty.

Fletcher modular sofa

We couldn’t end this without the amazing design of the Fletcher modular sofa. Thanks to its modular design with side, corner and central elements as well as a chaise longue, the size and form of the Fletcher modular sofa can be customised to meet a diverse range of requirements.


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