These are the most popular interior design styles in USA

12 August 2022

These are the most popular interior design styles in USA

These are the most popular interior design styles in USA

Every professional has their own style in interior design, which is part of the essence that makes interior designers so unique. But there are many interior design styles in USA.

As a professional in the field of interior design, you should always be aware of the latest changes. We went looking for relevant information that would help us define which ones are the most popular.

Through a study carried out by Angie's List team, we were able to find out in detail the current interior design trend in America.

Considering how important Instagram is and how influential it is in design, the study was based on the search for the most instagrammable interior style shared by the North American states.


According to the research and the chart used here, you can see that the most popular interior design style used in the USA was Coastal Living. which won over Instagram users in 18 states. All of them border the ocean, so it seems a natural choice, especially located on the East Coast. 

How to decorate using the Coastal Living Interior Style


It's important to define what is this #coastaliving style. It is not the same as Mediterranean or tropical. Coastal means "beachy" in the most basic sense. It's intended to recreate the breezy feel of the beach with the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean look.

Design by Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by Erin Little

The inside of the house always feels like summer. According to Will Taylor, author of Dream Decor and blogger for Bright Bazaar "A coastal space takes its cues from the natural environment for everything from colour palette through to materials used. The core features are usually jute textures, earth tones, layered blues, crisp whites, stripes, and loose linen upholstery."

In second comes the mid-century modern to no surprise, most of which are in the Midwest and West Coast. Although this style was most popular in the middle of the 20th century, it has recently become more popular among millennials. 

How to decorate using the Mid-Century Modern Interior Style


An architectural and creative period that lasted from the 1930s through the 1960s was marked by mid-century interior design. Additionally, it contributed to contemporary architecture, the ultimate aesthetic purge. The highly formal and extravagant fashions of the 1800s gave rise to modernism. Due to the necessity for accessible pragmatism following World War I and newly discovered foreign influences, such as Scandinavian design, contemporary design peaked in the 1930s.

Design Jessica Helgerson + Emily Kudsen Leland


Mid-century modern interiors are visually light and stick to the form-follows-function principle. Form follows function and is adhered to in mid-century modern interior design. Because of this, works in this manner typically occupy the least amount of area. In their design, nothing is redundant. Architects used then-revolutionary reinforced concrete and steel, but furniture designers frequently use plastic and wood.

Rustic décor is the third most popular style in the country and was also the most popular hashtag used in eight states.

More mountainous areas like Wyoming and Montana are located in these states. Although owning a log cabin is not a must to participate in the trend, families that live in mountainous areas sometimes choose handmade, rustic-looking furnishings to decorate their homes with.

How to decorate using the Rustic Décor Interior Style 

 Interior design by Pauline Pitt | Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest

The rustic design celebrates the genuine beauty of natural materials and uses them as the basis and base from which to create a warm, inviting place. Rustic farmhouse design is all about establishing a relaxing and organic vibe where rustic decor elements serve a dual purpose. Think open fires, oak beams, and cosy couches.

Since these are lasting interior design trends, you as a professional should grow accustomed to them.


Adriano Tavares


Angie's List

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