Trend Alert! Interior Design Summer Trends

26 July 2021

Trend Alert! Interior Design Summer Trends

Trend Alert! Interior Design Summer Trends
Having a trendy interior design project is very important nowadays. To keep up with all the news is very useful to be aware of all the summer trends for 2023! From colourful settings to minimalistic ones, stay with us and have a look at the best summer trends for your interior design!

With major interior designers setting new trends often, there is no excuse for your project not to be on point! This summer, the colour blue, natural wood, and minimalist flair are the way to go. But it’s not all, adding a statement colour and curves is also a great choice for your project!

Colour Blue

If summer had a colour, we would take our chances that it would be blue. It does not only offer a fun flair to your ambiance but exudes a sense of royalty into your interior. In this case, you can see the Cosy armchair upscaling a living room design with its bright blue colour.

An upholstered armchair with a wooden body structure and metal accents on its feet, Cosy is Laskasas‘ ultimate comfort masterpiece.

Statement Colour

Making a big comeback for the summer trends of 2021, the statement colour trend is perfect for an open space interior. The Sebastian pouf can be found in this living room, transforming it with its statement colour. In order to make the ambiance flow, the pillows combine with the pouf.

Perfect for any room of the house, Sebastian offers a jovial design. This pouf features a smooth fabric and soft texture.

Natural Wood

Natural wood can make your interior feel more summery and bohemian. With a wide range of colours available, wood is the perfect choice for a rustic ambiance. Exuding elegance into your interior design project, this summer trend is able to be combined with different features and styles. Hilary chest of drawers is a great example of how to transform the environment of a room using natural wood.


This simple and functional wooden piece embodies a discreet design for refined bedrooms. Hilary adds a warm elegance to any interior design project.


This year, there is a huge move around curvilinear furniture designs. From sofas to dining tables, the options to achieve a trendy interior with summer trends are endless. Dale chair and Cheryl Table are the stars of this design. Offering a sense of sophistication through their curves, these pieces really stand out when complemented with a circular rug.

Monaco offers a mix between contemporary design and classic aesthetics. As a result, this chair is able to upscale any dining room design.

With a marvelous sculptural base, Cheryl offers a sleek polished marble top. As a result, this table will look stunning when combined with mid-century interiors.


More than just empty, open spaces, minimalism is a summer trend that has been coming and going for years. It all started with simple and clean lines, but nowadays the minimalistic flair can be found paired with curves and bold furniture designsNiels console and Rayne mirror take the center stage in this entryway project, by offering not just straight, elegant lines but the boldness of a curvilinear mirror.

A tribute to the beauty of the Scandinavian designNiels exudes a unique vintage look. As a result, this console can be paired with several features in order to transform the look of any entryway design.

Transversely divided in mirror and metallic leaf, Rayne is an eye-catching statement. As a result, this furniture design can be, effortlessly, the focal point of your entryway interior.


Mafalda Aguiar

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