Walk and Talk Interview: Pip Rich Unveils Livingetc's Secrets

29 April 2024

Walk and Talk Interview: Pip Rich Unveils Livingetc's Secrets

Walk and Talk Interview: Pip Rich Unveils Livingetc's Secrets

In our latest exclusive interview for Laskasas' Not-So-Secret Diary, we walked and talked with Pip Rich, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of Livingetc, the UK's leading modern homes magazine renowned for its cutting-edge interior design content.

Pip, with an illustrious background in interiors journalism, delves into a variety of intriguing topics that shed light on Livingetc's huge audience growth in the digital after their shift from TI Media to Future.

From unveiling the strategies that have significantly bolstered the magazine’s digital hike to an amazing 2 million unique visitors per month to discuss the dynamic interplay between its print and online entities, Pip offers unique insights that are both enlightening and thought-provoking.

The conversation also navigates through the challenges and opportunities of traditional print mediums in today's digital age, revealing how Livingetc continues to thrive amidst evolving consumer preferences.

Further enriching the discussion, Pip talks about the editorial considerations that guide the selection of both prominent and emerging brands. He highlights how the big brands, like the Italian ones, that present their novelties at Salone del Mobile, continue to influence global aesthetics while also opening up about the potential of other regions, such as the burgeoning Portuguese furniture scene.

Moreover, Pip shares his expert predictions on the hot interior design trends set to define 2024 and provides a visionary outlook on the future directions of the industry.

This interview is essential for anyone keen on understanding the forces shaping contemporary home design, straight from one of the most authoritative voices in the field.



Diogo Filipe Mendes

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