Welcoming Dining Room in Neutral Colours

04 March 2021

Welcoming Dining Room in Neutral Colours

Welcoming Dining Room in Neutral Colours
Dining nook full of texture and warmth
The Globe dining room is a sunny room where light makes the furniture colours more intense and glamorous. Discreet shades of neutral colours lay beneath these chic dark hues. Each of the selected materials complement each other here, creating a timeless decor with long-lasting unique design pieces.

Curved furniture designs and earthy palettes
The dining table and the sideboard creates a dining nook full of texture and warmth. Sideboard has an elegant yet refined language, featuring a wood surface and trimmed metallic details.

Statement marble dining table complement interior decoration with its classical aura and timeless design, while golden details providing an extra touch of sophistication. Mid-century chairs work particularly well with curved furniture designs and earthy palettes.

Full of modern dining furniture, dining room Globe brings warm and cosy mood to your family meals. The curved silhouette and stylish back of upholstered dining chair with its luxurious features adds uniqueness and personality to the environment.