Curved furniture - the biggest trend in furniture design in 2022

30 May 2022

Curved furniture - the biggest trend in furniture design in 2022

Curved furniture - the biggest trend in furniture design in 2022
Why is curved furniture so popular this year in interior design? What distinguishes this sort of furniture from others? Typically, design inspirations are based on previously used concepts, and this trend is no exception.

Betty Brandolino, founder and creative director of Fresh Twist Studio, and one of the most well-known interior designers in USA told the thespruce: A trend were seeing in furniture design is the implementation of curvaceous lines in upholstered furniture silhouettes and case goods. For example, weve noticed the emergence of rounded sofa backs and curved sideboards, to name a few.

Why curved furniture

The explanation for the reappearance of this design trend is quite simple in fact, the curves are fun and convey a feeling of happiness. They reflect our wish for a home that is much more enjoyable, calm, and relaxing after these two tough years. Our brains are inherently drawn to circular shapes and curved lines, which are known to bring these sensations of beauty, comfort and safety.

curved furniture

image credits: Laura Hammett

Curved furniture The return from the past

After many years of straight lines inspired by twentieth-century modernism being the standard and associated with contemporary style, design is shifting in the opposite way. Curved lines and elements that were once considered outdated, such as arches and curvy edges, are now synonymous with modern and on-trend.

Curved furniture made a comeback in the twentieth century, first with Art Deco in the 1920s and subsequently with the wacky and chunky style of the 1970s. We are at the start of the 2020 decade, which will most likely be marked by curves once again.

By browsing Laskasas Catalogue we can already find some curvy furniture, here are some of them:

curved furniture

Ambrose is a one-of-a-kind armchair with sleek convex back. It features a discreet wooden base to support an upholstered armchair with a comfortable seat. Wonderful curvy shapes that follow the trend.

curved furniture

The soft curves of the atemporal  Edson pouf are made for outstanding settings. This fresh new classic possesses sculptural lines and fits perfectly modern and traditional living rooms or entryways. An upholstered stool made in two different fabrics with a metal strap that simultaneously unites and separates the two hemispheres.

curved furniture

Scarlet chaise longue is an indulgent piece that makes a stunning impact in any space. This fully upholstered round chaise lounge is perfect to balance your bedroom style, to create the ultimate charming decor or to preserve a view.

Implementing curved furniture trend into your projects

curved furniture

A furniture arrangement that follows the angles of your curved furniture will provide a unified effect. Assemble furniture in a loose circle around a central point for a laid-back seating group. In this dining room, several curved dining chairs circle a round dining table to create a cosy furniture arrangement.

The curved furniture trend is particularly useful for the dining area, because the round layout will make communication easier for your client and their respective families and friends, as they will have a better view of everyone around them.

Curved Sofa

curved sofa

After knowing the effects of the curved lines on people, we already know that having curves throughout the project its a great addition and gets people talking. Having a curved sofa will uplift the living room space while boarding the new trend.

The Jean Sofa is an impressive piece for desirable living rooms, with its impactful design narrative and its impressive ability to combine both a contemporary and retro feel simultaneously. This upholstered sofa is the perfect addition for cosy retreats and welcoming open spaces.

These pieces have a huge impact on any room they're used in, whether it's a living room or a dining room.

It's important to consider the piece's dimensions. If they are excessively prominent, they may convey a humorous purpose, while smaller pieces reveal that you, as an interior designer, can follow the trend without going overboard.

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