Living Room: This is the right way to make a statement

01 July 2022

Living Room: This is the right way to make a statement

Living Room: This is the right way to make a statement

The living room usually steals the spotlight from any house space. A statement piece can either be a show-stopping modular sofa or a beautiful marble sculpture, it can even be a simple rug. 

Itís important not to overdo it, it can become a disastrous mess of statement pieces fighting each other to earn the right to be there! This blog post will show you the right way to make a statement in the living room.


The question is, how loud and boldly does your customer want their living room statement to be, and what is your instrument of choice? We can guide you.

Statement Sofas

As previously said, the natural area to make some noise is in the upholstery section. The fabric itself is essential but itís not alone in this department, colours have a big impact on a statement piece. You can either choose to bring bold colours to enhance the piece itself, or you can simply follow the colour pallets and let the design speak for itself.

living room statement

The beautiful modular Fletcher sofa is the focal point of this interior. Its adaptability is fundamental to improving the overall design thanks to its ability to fill the space that each designer wants.

living room statement

The soft neutral colours create a perfect balance with the dark brown wall. Furniture that wants to be heard can be about volume and vibrancy, or it can simply be about what grabs the attention and redirect it away from another element in the room.

living room statement

In this living room, the Havay sofa is the winner when it comes to making a statement. Beautiful upholstery handcrafted to perfection and elegant neutral colours perfectly match the soft tone vibe of the room.

neutral living room

This living room is an eclectic space that will never go out of style. Its architectural elements and the floor-to-ceiling windows give dimension to the set.

Statement Centre Tables

living room statement

Laskasas Nilo coffee table is worthy of being on this list. Statement-worthy because of the beautiful simplicity in its marble finishes, but also because of the arresting effect they have, being in the centre of the living room, it immediately grabs all the attention.

living room statement

In this living room, itís even more obvious the intent of making a living room statement with this duo centre tables, which culminates with a beautiful overall design.

Statement Mirrors

With a mirror, a living room can suddenly have a Baroque dimension, a sub-Saharan vibe, or a beach chic undertone. They make their presence felt and are more than capable of carrying big character. The glass itself can be a statement-maker as much as the frame or even its dimensions.

living room mirror

The wooden tables and the large rectangular mirror complement each other, creating a feeling of subtle luxury. This is a perfect example of a living room statement made discreetly, like the usual saying ďitís always the quiet onesĒ.

living room statement

Texas mirror is a must-have piece for contemporary spaces with Scandinavian design. Featuring a simple frame, this floor mirror with a rectangular design enhances the beauty of any interior design project.

These are some options to bring out the full potential of your next living room project. you can browse our catalogue to get some insight about all our pieces and how you can impact your next project!

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Adriano Tavares

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