Learn from Pros: How to decorate for Christmas

16 November 2022

Learn from Pros: How to decorate for Christmas

Learn from Pros: How to decorate for Christmas

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is nearly here. Christmas is back in full force after 2 thought years. And the interior design market is boiling with fresh new ideas for some Christmas decorations.

Follow these expert tips if you’ve yet to transform your house into a festive and welcoming home.




Without a doubt, one of the major elements of these holidays is family. You can use the holiday season to start new traditions in your household. Through candles with a distinct aroma, eye-catching patterns, or a collection of special plants.


This way you can share a little bit of yourself with your family every year, for several generations.


“My mother always decorated our house with natural greenery, flowers, and branches, and I’ve continued to do that as I build memories for my children and grandchildren," says Dallas-based Laura Wilson. 


“This festive season, shoppers are prioritising human connections more than ever, and cherishing the communities and relationships that matter most to them,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Trend Expert at Etsy.



There is nothing wrong with colours during Christmas, in fact, colours usually are synonymous with happiness. There is also a new interior design trend that focuses on going overboard with colours and objects. But if you are one of those that prefer something more traditional stick to one colour combination.


Be careful not to overdo it. It’s best to select a few colours that match and go from there. Usually, 3 to 4 colours are enough, and you can make beautiful combinations that are both inspiring, welcoming, and festive.


“Choosing a decorating scheme for Christmas can be tricky, so I recommend creating a mood board with three core colours that complement each other,” says Kelly Hoppen, CBE owner and interior designer at Kelly Hoppen Interiors.


Have you heard of Christmaximalism? Well, it is a Maximalism design applied to the Christmas holidays. These past two years were hard. Some of us just want to go all out and this is the perfect year to do so.


Don’t be afraid to experiment, try replacing the tree skirt with a vintage fishbowl or a planter, just go crazy.


“More is more," proclaims the Charleston designer, Matthew Monroe Bees. "The holidays are meant to be extravagant!


“Greenery, lots of colour and even more sparkles!” says Lisa Dawson, interior blogger, and author of Resourceful Living. “Lockdown has made us all more appreciative of the outdoors, and I'm bringing that into my home this festive season with plenty of faux eucalyptus and fir,



The tablescape is always important, either during a festivity or just a simple dinner with friends. But why don’t you try to go a little more detailed with your dining table this year? You don’t need to buy a whole new dining set to make the table feel festive.


A beautifully set table isn’t just pretty to look at, it gives your diners a mood boost too, says Emily Painter, founder of tabletop rental company Freshly Set. “It’s especially important now that things have changed a bit and we’re having smaller groups. Even if it’s not a big event, you can still make it feel intimate and special,"



If you don’t want to compromise too much on any seasonal decorations, then your focus should be on contemporary design and sticking to neutral colours.

Whenever you desire to redecorate or change the colour schemes in your home, you can do it regardless of the season.


“This year, like most years, we have kept our Christmas décor fairly neutral in terms of colour,” says Khanyie Shamakumba and Daniel Sowerby, interior bloggers. “I love having greenery around the house, so eucalyptus and pine garlands will always be a firm base for our Christmas décor,”.



The trendy mantelscaping concept provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with décor.

it's all about clever design to make your fireplace the major focus of the space. Invest in a Christmas garland, and then build up and play with height using ornaments, candles, and fairy lights.


“Drape foliage along the edge of your mantel to create depth, then layer with tea lights or string lights for an enchanting warm glow,” says Abi Wilson, Head of Buying – Celebrations, at Habitat.



You must think economically, many of the decorations from these Christmas seasons can be reused for years to come.


“Personally, I have always gone for a faux Christmas tree and garlands, as this is a lot more economic. We re-use our decorations year after year, only needing to buy a few accessories and some replacements to achieve a new look,” says Khanyie Shamakumba, interior blogger.



The smell is an important part to set the mood for any festivities. Candles, and clove-pierced oranges, are some traditional scents from this holiday season.


"Nothing gets that feeling going quicker than a bowl full of clove-pierced oranges," says Frank Bostelmann.


Follow these tips from these professionals and you will surely be able to make the most of your festive seasons

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