6 Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2023

29 November 2022

6 Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2023

6 Design Trends That Will Disappear in 2023

When it comes to design trends, some things never go out of style. On the other hand, other decoration trends don’t stay fresh forever. While we support designing your project in the interior design style that best suits you, there are a few outdated decor ideas and home decor items that we believe will become less popular in 2023.


Shay Holland, interior designer, and star of HGTV’s Unfinished Business advises that choosing the latest trends can be a bad move, in the long run. “Trend forecasting is largely geared to motivate people to buy more stuff and I’m very sensitive to the fact that many families are facing tough times in this challenging economy,”





Maximalism has had its moment, and people are finally realizing that less can be more. After all, the fewer the objects in a room, the less there is to maintain.


“Who has time to vacuum layered rugs or arrange multiple comforters just to make the bed?” says Holland. “Most people want to simplify life ... not in a severe minimalistic approach but in ways that bring ease to the simple, daily rituals.”


Alternative: Contemporary Design

Unlike maximalism design, contemporary design is constantly developing to reflect current design trends. It incorporates elements of modernism, minimalism, Art deco, and other worldwide styles without emphasizing anyone.




New homes are adopting more texture in their interior design and unique pieces, comparable to how rigid aesthetics are fading. Braided wall art and slim furniture are two new textural trends on the horizon. When it comes to 2023's home décor, dimension is more and more trendy.


Alternative: Textures

Texture provides visual weight and mass. A healthy dosage of texture in your design project provides value while also making the room extra beautiful and appealing. Texture can be expressed in a variety of ways, including matte versus glazed ornaments on a bookcase or book spines stacked on a side table next to a sculpted glass lamp base.




Monochromatic neutral colour schemes have been a safe decision for any project for a very long time. The tendency of using white or grey to make a place appear breezy and open is changing as more designers incorporate creamier neutrals into designs.



Truly a design opportunity, ceilings are often a neglected element of a space. “White ceilings will go away in 2023. Unless your walls are also white, white ceilings, especially in dark or colourful rooms, feel lazy and like it was forgotten about. Your eye is drawn to white so if the room is colourful or dark, your eye will immediately move to the ceiling.” says Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Interior Design.


Alternative: Splash of Colours

Many designers believe it’s time to integrate more colour into living rooms and dining rooms. If the client prefers simple neutral colours, you can add some contrast with vibrant armchairs, a dark-coloured centre table or even an amazing rug the simple patterns and contrasting colours.




While it is a terrific method to save money, fast furniture does not last and generates excessive waste, negatively hurting the environment. People are moving away from cheap furniture in favour of vintage or custom-made pieces since sustainability has become a priority for many. 

Alternative: Buy something durable

When buying pieces consider their durability and design. If you don’t want them to go out of style as soon as there is a trend shift, then choose furniture with a timeless design that can withstand the test of time.  



Rattan has experienced a huge revival in recent years, appearing in everything from sofas to chairs and even beds. However, the appeal of this material may have peaked.


“Rattan has become too ubiquitous,” says interior designer says Nicole Salceda of Eye for Pretty. “While I love to combine it with other contrasting elements, it's now in every product category and too much of it”.


Alternative: Choose timeless accent materials

Following trends is not the end of the world and sometimes can help elevate your interior design. But you need to choose carefully what trend to follow especially when it comes to the material because they have a huge influence on the overall design.




See-through furniture, whether acrylic or Lucite, has been popular in recent years, thanks to the optical illusion of additional space that a clear item may offer. However, it appears that furniture produced from more natural materials, such as wood, is now taking on the transparent aesthetic.


Alternative: Natural materials

Choosing natural materials such as wood is always a good option, as they end up being incorporated into emerging trends one way or another. Besides, furniture made with solid wood tends to last longer.



Adriano Tavares

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